15 Awesome Places to Work as a Hospital Nurse

hospital-nurseIn some areas of the country, experienced nurses have options to work in a variety of non clinical settings. However, hospitals are still the primary employers of nurses. While all hospitals have certain things in common, there are vast differences which will quickly become apparent when a nurse changes their hospital employer. For example, in teaching and research hospitals, the culture may be interdisciplinary and collegial. While at small private hospitals, the atmosphere may be more of a top down organization. Despite differences, nurses can still find some great hospitals to work at.

Here are the 15 awesome places to work as a hospital nurse:

#1 Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Their competitive nurse residency program for new nurse grads definitely deserves some attention. Vanderbilt has designed a training program which results in great new nurse retention rates.

#2 Emory Healthcare

Emory Healthcare logo

The cost of childcare and eldercare services are definitely a burden on many families’ budgets. Emory Healthcare offers employee discounts at select facilities on these much needed services. Like Vanderbilt, they also have popular nurse residency programs.

#3 St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital*

St. Jude was recently awarded the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) of the Department of Defense. They provide excellent support for their National Guard and Reserve employees.

#4 Southern Ohio Medical Center *

Southern Ohio Medical Center logo

SOMC’S nurse retention rates are at 95 % while their employee satisfaction scores place them in the top 1%. With great statistics like these, many hospitals could learn from them.

#5 Mayo Clinic*

Mayo Clinic logo

One of the many reasons that Mayo Clinic hospital is great to work for is their commitment to diversity. They recently were awarded number 8 on DiversityInc’s Top 10 hospitals and Healthcare Systems list.

#6 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta*

Their nurses practice a using the model of Relationship Based Care (RBC).This model empowers nurses by focusing on relationships between the nurse to patient/family, nurse to colleague, and nurse to self. The quality of patient care is of the utmost importance, so their acknowledgement of the importance of the nurse to self component in the process of patient care definitely deserves applause.

#7 Houston Methodist*

Houston Methodist logo

Houston Methodist system boasts that our facilities allow nurses to practice in superior settings with low nurse-to-patient ratios, high safety standards and access to unparalleled support. Considering that this hospital has been voted Best Hospital in Texas by the US News and World Report, they are a shining star.

#8 Meridian Health*

Meridian Health logo

Meridian Health’s commitments to nurse’s individual professional growth and goals is supported by their Ann May Center for Nursing and Allied Health. The center oversees nursing scholarships, career development programs, educational counseling, clinical placements, lectures, workshops, alumni resources, and recognition for professional excellence and research support.

#9 Baylor Healthcare

Baylor Healthcare logo

Baylor offers their full time employees, after 6 months, 100% tuition reimbursement at residency rates for approved courses completed with a grade of C or better (up to 5,250 a year).

#10 UAB Medicine

UAB Medicine logo

Like many other large hospitals they offer a great tuition reimbursement plan. But for those who are concerned with their personal growth, UAB’s Department of Training and Development offers classes on many useful topics such as personal finances.

#11 Cedars-Sinai

Cedars-Sinai logo

California Psychological Association awarded Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award. They provide the Work & Life Matters program to their employees.

#12 OU Medicine

OU Medicine logo

They offer a new graduate residency program with one-on one coaching for a two year commitment. Be sure and check out their Spring and Fall event for new nurses to find out more about their program.

#13 UNC Healthcare

UNC Healthcare logo

The Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses was awarded to their cardiothoracic intensive care unit. They are also the recipient of the Best Workplace for Men in Nursing Awarded by The American Assembly for Men in Nursing.

#14 Seattle Children’s Hospital

The hospital supports their nurses in obtaining specialty certification by organizing study groups and offering premium pay. Hopefully more hospitals will follow their lead in this area.

#15 Oklahoma Heart Hospital

Oklahoma Heart Hospital logo

They have a 98% nurse retention rate and patient nurse ratios of 4:1. Their ratios are designed to ensure quality patient care and prevent nurse burnout.

Are you a hospital nurse that is currently working at a great hospital? Leave a comment below to tell us why your hospital is so awesome!

Note: *These healthcare companies were listed on Fortune’s 2014 Best Companies to Work For list.