Top Nursing Schools by State - 2019

Program location is an important consideration for U.S. nursing students. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, more than 650 nursing programs are available around the country. Notwithstanding this wide selection of educational opportunities, attending a nursing program based in your home state offers several advantages over earning the degree in another state.

Tuition can play an important role for prospective students. A large number of postsecondary institutions charge lower tuition rates for in-state students than for out-of-state learners. Additionally, each state imposes different educational and licensing criteria for nursing personnel at different levels. By earning a degree in the state where they plan to work after graduation, learners can try to tailor their studies to specific career requirements. Completing an internship is another way to boost career prospects, allowing students to network with local professionals and learn more about potential employers.

Likely due to the high demand for qualified nurses, students enjoy the chance to choose from multiple degree options in all 50 states. Below, you can peruse our guides to the top nursing schools in each state. Each page includes information on top nursing colleges — including accredited public, private, and online institutions — along with degrees in different areas of nursing. Click the links to learn more.


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