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Best Arkansas Medical Assistant Programs & Training Options

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Arkansas is home to the Ozarks, hot springs and the only diamond mine that is open to the public in the world. Arkansas is the home state of famous people like Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Clinton, Paul “Bear” Bryant the football coach and Johnny Cash. If you are interested in becoming a medical assistant in Arkansas, you have to make sure that it truly is the career option for you. This is because the opportunities for work are very much limited and because the salaries are relatively low. Fortunately, the cost of living in Arkansas is also below the national average. The median hourly wage for a medical assistant in Arkansas is $16 per hour and there are currently only some 1,800 medical assistants employed in the state. In order to become a medical assistant in Arkansas, you need to start by researching the programs and training options that are out there. It is recommended that you speak directly with representatives from three to five schools, possibly more if you are able to do so, in order to find the one that is best for you. You need to think of such things as admission requirements, costs and the types of programs that are available. Finding the best medical assistant program is really about your own personal needs and requirements. Let's take a look, therefore, at the five best Arkansas medical assistant programs and training options.

Top Medical Assistant Programs in Arkansas 2020

Rank School Location
1 Arkansas Tech University Russellville, AL
2 Bryan University Rogers, AL
3 Remington College Little Rock, AL
4 Blue Cliff College Fayetteville, AL
Arkansas Tech University View School Profile Russellville, AL

At Arkansas Tech University, students are taught to perform the clinical and administrative duties required of a medical assistant. It includes all the necessary foundations of these professions and also requires students to take part in practical experiences.

• Campus: Russellville, AR
• Type: Public institution
• Accreditation: CAAHEP
• Tuition: $199 per credit hour for in state students and $398 per credit hour for out of state students
• Minimum time commitment: 2 years
• Online availability: No
• Program requirements: High school or equivalent. Only 12 students are admitted to the second year of the program and must hold a C in all courses and a GPA of 2.0 minimum, as well as a health check and personal interview.
• Programs: Medical assistant associate’s degree
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

Bryan University View School Profile Rogers, AL

The Medical Assistant associate degree program that is offered by Bryan University is designed to create professionals in the field of medicine. A medical assistant is charged with both clinical and clerical duties, and the program prepares students for both. The degree focuses on areas such as venipuncture, administering medicine, insurance processing, HIPAA, medical law and laboratory skills.

• Campus: Rogers, AR
• Type: Christian college
• Accreditation: ACICS
• Tuition: Varies
• Minimum time commitment: Varies
• Online availability: No
• Program requirements: High school or equivalent
• Programs: Medical assistant associate’s degree
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

Remington College View School Profile Little Rock, AL

The Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech program at Remington College has been created to prepare students for a career in health care. It is a diploma program that includes hands on clinical and lab experience as well as classroom instruction. It includes limited X-ray procedures, but also patient billing, medical coding, medical insurance and various other subjects. Additionally, the college offers a general medical assisting diploma, as well as an associate’s degree in clinical medical assisting.

• Campus: Little Rock, AR
• Type: Non profit college
• Accreditation: ACCSC
• Tuition: Varies depending on chosen program
• Minimum time commitment: 12 months or more
• Online availability: No
• Program requirements: High school or equivalent, standardized entrance test
• Programs: Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech, general medical assisting, associate’s degree in clinical medical assisting
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

Blue Cliff College View School Profile Fayetteville, AL

Blue Cliff College is an accredited school that offers clinical medical assisting programs across a number of its colleges in various states. The program is designed to instruct students on the delivery of high quality care, administrative duties and scheduling appointments. The college offers an interesting and comprehensive curriculum to ensure graduates are ready to enter the workforce as fully qualified professionals in their field.

• Campus: Fayetteville, AR
• Type: Private
• Accreditation: Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education, ACCSC
• Tuition: $12,985
• Minimum time commitment: 9 months for daytime students and 15 months for evening students
• Online availability: No
• Program requirements: Hepatitis vaccination, medical techniques and procedures course
• Programs: Clinical Medical Assisting
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

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