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20+ Best Nursing Career Specialties for 2014 and Beyond

The nursing field has seen explosive growth in recent years, and this should continue for the foreseeable future. In reality, there actually is a nursing shortage in many specialties. This is being driven by the aging US population, who require more health care… Read more »

160+ Most Popular Nursing Job & Career Ideas

The nursing field is one of the most dynamic and broad areas in health care. If you decide to get a bachelor’s or advanced degree in nursing, it is very likely that you always will be in demand and will be able to… Read more »

Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Nursing Schools of 2014

Back in 2012, the staff of spent hours researching nursing schools to find out which schools were the most social media savvy. A little over a year later, a lot has changed, so we decided it was time for an update. See… Read more »

Jean Hershey, Program Chair, RN to BSN at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Jean Hershey, Program Chair, RN to BSN Program at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, joins us today to discuss their accelerated RN to BSN program. 1. Can you tell us about the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (RN to BSN) offered… Read more »

Julie Vosit-Steller, Associate Professor of Practice, Nursing@Simmons

Julie Vosit-Steller, DNP, FNP-BC, AOCN, Associate Professor of Practice at the School of Nursing and Health Sciences and Program Director at Nursing@Simmons joins us today to discuss their distance learning MSN program. #1 Can you tell us about the online Master of Science in Nursing… Read more »

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Tips to Improve Patient Education

One of the most important roles nurses have today is patient education. This was once reserved for the physician, but no longer. Today nurses assume more and more responsibility for educating patients and helping them to become responsible for their own health status…. Read more »

The Imbalanced Relationship of Nursing: No Time & Way Too Much Stress

As a nurse entrepreneur, I have awesome opportunities to engage with nurses at every level. Just this week I gave four nursing talks! In two of them I opened up with asking the group about their greatest challenges they face as professional nurses…. Read more »

Hospitals May Start to Disappear in New Health Care Age

Hospitals have not always been where people go to get their medical care. In the 18th century, hospitals were mainly were the sick were sent to isolate them when they had contagious diseases, or for the mentally ill. Most regular people had medical… Read more »

Pressed for Time? 3 Holiday Tips for the Busy Nurse

As a nurse during the holiday season you may find yourself blasted with a double whammy. Not only do you have the typical routines that go along with the holiday season- shopping, holiday parties, and making extra food for family and friends- but… Read more »

Could Hospital Jobs Be Getting Harder to Find for Nurses?

Lily Bush has spent many hours each week learning how to give medications, draw blood from patients, prepare and dress wounds, and learn everything about anatomy. She also has learned how to handle family members and the many other skills that registered nurses… Read more »

Amy Ochle, Nursing@Simmons Student
Trauma Center Nurse and NP Student [Simmons College Interview]

Current nurse practitioner student, Amy Ochle, took a little time to offer those considering beginning the journey to become a nurse practitioner a glimpse into her life as a student. In October, Ochle began the Family Nurse Practitioner program, Nursing@Simmons, offered by the… Read more »

How Far Should a Nurse Graduate Go for a Job?

There are conflicting reports concerning the future state of the nursing job market. Some experts predict that the combination of the Affordable Care Act and aging baby boomers will result in a flood of openings to the nursing job market. While other experts… Read more »

3 Tips to Help Nurses Thrive

It seems like I start so many articles on the topic of how hard of a job nursing can be. This is pretty much well known information, so I guess it goes without saying. But I believe that nurses appreciate recognition that what… Read more »

2 Mindset Shift to Protect Your Nursing Energies

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You wake up from a wonderful night of quality rest. The morning flows smoothly and since you were off last week you’re feeling refreshed and ready for work. You actually feel happy, excited, looking forward to being… Read more »

Good Times in Nursing

Everyone likes a good laugh. Laughter causes physiological changes in our bodies and makes us feel good. It can be used as a coping strategy and to help us diffuse anger. For example, have you ever tried to be angry at someone but… Read more »

A Nurse’s Health: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Nurses live to take care of others. In addition to spending their professional careers caring for patients many nurses extend this caring into their home life. They care for spouses, children, aging parents, and often family and friends. They enjoy taking care of… Read more »

Nurses At The Reception Area In A Hospital
5 Best Paying LPN Jobs & Careers

Licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, help to care for the sick and disabled in a variety of health care situations. LPNs give hands-on care to patients, while they are being supervised by RNs and doctors. A typical LPN program involves a year of… Read more »

70+ Awesome Nursing Scholarships Grants

Funding your education is never easy. If you can qualify for a scholarship, however, you might be able to ease the financial burden of your higher education. Nursing students can find a wide variety of scholarships available for their associates, bachelors or masters… Read more »

Should Nurses Be Forced to Get Flu Shots?

Concern for the health of patients has prompted many hospitals to require all of their employees to get the flu shot—or lose their jobs. But what about the right of patients—in this case doctors and nurses—to refuse any medical procedure they feel is… Read more »

Why nurses should develop their own app

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Why Nurses Should Develop Their Own App

In some areas of the country new nurses are struggling to land a patient care job, and experienced nurses are facing stiff competition for alternative nursing jobs. Some savvy nurses are networking online through social media platforms and forums. They hope to make… Read more »

Technology Guide for Nurses
Nurses Need to Get a Little More Nerdy

There has never been a time in my life where I was not completely fascinated with technology. I love gizmos, gadgets, gaming, and all types of nerdy gear.  I use technology anytime I can and I love it because it makes complicated tasks… Read more »

Scrubs Mag Nurse Blog Carnival
Scrubs Magazine Nurse Blog Carnival Empowers Nurses

Nurses have been coming online and looking for community since the internet was first created. Nurse bloggers take this a few steps farther and create their own communities around their individual specialties and topics they are passionate about. Like most blogging niches, the… Read more »

The Need for Public Health Nurses on the Rise

The last time you went to get your flu shot, or had the school nurse check your child’s eyes, or had questions about your elderly mother’s care, did you ever stop to thank a public health nurse? That is ok if you didn’t,… Read more »

UT Arlington Helps Nursing Shortage and Military Vets With Fed-Funded Program

In an effort to both help to deal with the current nursing shortage, and to assist military veterans in training for civilian jobs, the University of Texas Arlington College of Nursing is using $300,000 in grants from the federal government to design a… Read more »

7 Awesome Ted Talks to Inspire Nurses

TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event. The annual conference began in 1990, in Monterey, California. If you are a nurse… Read more »

Types of Online Nursing Degree Programs

What are the different types of nursing degrees offered today? There are some career paths that are very clear cut in terms of their education. But with nursing, there are many educational paths that you can take, whether you are interested in becoming… Read more »

7 Best Accredited Online MSN Degree Programs Without GRE

Entering into the field of nursing is a strong career choice; the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment of nurses will soar 26% by 2020. Getting your master’s degree in nursing means that you will enjoy a median salary of at least $65,000… Read more »

8 Top Masters in Nursing MSN Specializations

Earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing is a great place to begin exploring a career in medicine. However it is just the beginning. There are many ways to advance your career after this step, and a master’s of science in nursing… Read more »