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2015 Nursing Selfie Pizza Party Giveaway by
2015 Nursing Selfie Pizza Party Giveaway #nursingpizzaparty

Do you feel your nursing unit, staff our group needs a little fun? We’re giving away pizza parties all year long! Offered exclusively by on behalf of our community members! Promo Name: Nursing Selfie Pizza Party Giveaway Prize: Domino’s Pizza Party up to $250; see… Read more »

America’s Best Nursing Schools 2015 + Online Options

America’s Best Nursing Schools®—2015 Best of the Western Region Our mission at is to create a social community for nurses around the world in which to educate, inform and share. We set out to find the all-around top nursing schools in each… Read more »

100 Things You Can Do With A Nursing Degree

Below is a list of 100 things you can do with a any number of different types of nursing degree. Some of these positions do require specializations and many will need you to hold a master’s degree (MSN) at least. 1. Psychiatric Mental Health… Read more »

How to Master NCLEX-Style Test Questions (January 2015)

As nursing students, there are several things you can do even now while in nursing school to help you master the skills needed to succeed at the NCLEX test. Some of these things include developing excellent study habits which mirror your personal learning… Read more »

70+ Awesome Nursing Scholarships Grants

Funding your education is never easy. If you can qualify for a scholarship, however, you might be able to ease the financial burden of your higher education. Nursing students can find a wide variety of scholarships available for their associates, bachelors or masters… Read more »

Interview: Julie Vosit-Steller, Associate Professor of Practice, Nursing@Simmons

Julie Vosit-Steller, DNP, FNP-BC, AOCN, Associate Professor of Practice at the School of Nursing and Health Sciences and Program Director at Nursing@Simmons joins us today to discuss their distance learning MSN program. Can you tell us about the online Master of Science in Nursing degree… Read more »

100+ Awesome Nursing Specializations You Should Know

Going to nursing school is only the first step in your nursing career. If you want to go beyond your basic RN or LPN roles, there are many nursing specialties to choose from. If you’re considering additional training, choosing the right nursing specialty… Read more »

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A Discussion of Complimentary Therapy and Advanced Practice Nursing

Complimentary therapy modalities are commonly used in the specialties of holistic or wholistic care. The words holistic and wholistic are often used synonymously. Holistic nursing is founded on “a philosophy, a body of knowledge, and an advanced set of nursing skills applied to… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Nurses Should Get Published Right Now

It is growing increasingly difficult to differentiate one nurse’s résumé from another’s, in today’s competitive job marketplace.  For example, even while listing a specialty certification on a résumé, it is becoming more commonplace as organizations push for it to become a standard of… Read more »

nclex exam
6 Things to Know About the NCLEX Examination

In order to become a nurse in the U.S., you must first pass the NCLEX examination. There is a lot of information out there about this exam, so much so, in fact, that it may be hard to see the wood for the… Read more »

Infection Control Nurses Deal With Much More Than Ebola

Infection control nurses are specialty nurses who are at the forefront of disease and infection control in communities and healthcare settings. They are usually at least a registered nurse with specialized training, education, and experience. Depending upon the facility and title, their exact… Read more »

20 Instagram and Twitter Accounts for Nurses (Plus Hashtags!)

Nurses Use Social Media. Now more than ever nurses are using social media for fun, education and community. Are you wondering which nurses to follow on Instagram and Twitter? Here are a few of the best hashtags and accounts that offer a dose of… Read more »

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10 Great Nursing Careers in a Patient Care Setting

There are endless opportunities in the profession of nursing. Job opportunities abound. However, the majority of available nursing jobs are in the direct patient care setting. While new nurse graduates may have a difficult time finding a job, most experienced nurses can have… Read more »

160+ Most Popular Nursing Job & Career Titles

The nursing field is one of the most dynamic and broad areas in health care. If you decide to get a bachelor’s or advanced degree in nursing, it is very likely that you always will be in demand and will be able to… Read more »

Nurse Career
31 Best Specialty Career Choices For Nurses

These 31 nursing careers were selected due to their impressive salary, work setting, and high demand, if you’re searching for a career in nursing, this list may help you discover the route that’s right for you. *All salary data is sourced from… Read more »

Jean Hershey, Program Chair, RN to BSN at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Jean Hershey, Program Chair, RN to BSN Program at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, joins us today to discuss their accelerated RN to BSN program. 1. Can you tell us about the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (RN to BSN) offered… Read more »

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Tips to Improve Patient Education

One of the most important roles nurses have today is patient education. This was once reserved for the physician, but no longer. Today nurses assume more and more responsibility for educating patients and helping them to become responsible for their own health status…. Read more »

How Far Should a Nurse Graduate Go for a Job?

There are conflicting reports concerning the future state of the nursing job market. Some experts predict that the combination of the Affordable Care Act and aging baby boomers will result in a flood of openings to the nursing job market. While other experts… Read more »

A Nurse’s Health: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Nurses live to take care of others. In addition to spending their professional careers caring for patients many nurses extend this caring into their home life. They care for spouses, children, aging parents, and often family and friends. They enjoy taking care of… Read more »

Technology Guide for Nurses
Nurses Need to Get a Little More Nerdy

There has never been a time in my life where I was not completely fascinated with technology. I love gizmos, gadgets, gaming, and all types of nerdy gear.  I use technology anytime I can and I love it because it makes complicated tasks… Read more »

Best Online MSN Degree Programs
7 Best Online RN MSN Degree Programs + Accelerated Options

Entering into the field of nursing is a strong career choice; the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment of nurses will soar 26% by 2020. Getting your master’s degree in nursing means that you will enjoy a median salary of at least $65,000… Read more »