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Top 100 Social Media Friendly Children’s Hospitals

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Top 100 Social Media Friendly Children's Hospitals Badge

How can social media help the staff of a children’s hospital connect with patients? By providing a way to share stories that get patients (and their parents) emotionally involved.

Like the story about Gabby, a researcher at St. Jude who is also a former St. Jude patient. Gabby is a childhood cancer survivor, and she is determined to help other kids beat cancer too. And what better way to do that than by contributing to the growing body of research in the field of cancer treatment from within one of the nation’s top hospitals!

Every hospital has inspirational stories just like this to share, whether it is the nurse who goes the extra mile or the patient who brightens everyone’s day in spite of enduring extreme physical and emotional trauma.

In addition to sharing human-interest stories, hospital staff can use social media accounts to share information about fundraisers, advancements in research, new treatments and additions to their facilities.

Because we believe it is extremely important for children’s hospitals to engage with the public through social media, the staff here at has done the work of evaluating the social media presence of children’s hospital throughout the country to determine which ones are getting the most out of social media.

We assigned scores for each type of social media activity, with a total of 100 possible: 25 points each for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; and another 5 points each for LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram.

See the full breakdown of our scoring system and how points were awarded for activity on each social media network here.

Here are the top 100 social media friendly children’s hospitals for 2017.

If your hospital made the top 100, feel free to display the badge above on your website, and on your social media accounts.

Scoring System for Finding the Most Social Media Friendly Children’s Hospitals

Facebook 25 (25/2= 12.5)

Likes (More than 100,000= 12.5; 50,000-99,999= 8.3; 1-49,999= 4.17)

Followers (More than 100,000= 12.5; 50,000-99,999= 8.3; 1-49,996= 4.17)

Twitter 25 (25/2= 12.5)

TWEETS  (More than 10,000= 12.5; 6667-9999= 8.3; 1-6666= 4.17)

FOLLOWERS (More than 25,000= 12.5; 16,667-24,999= 8.3; 1-16,666= 4.17)

YouTube 25 (25/3= 8.3)

Subscribers (More than 200= 8.3; 130-199= 5.5; 1-129= 2.8)

Videos (More than 300= 8.3; 200-299= 5.5; 1-199= 2.8)

Views (More than 10,000 = 8.3; 6667, 9999= 5.5; 1-6666= 2.8)

LinkedIn 5

Followers (More than 1000= 5; 670-999= 3.3; 1-666= 1.7)

Google Plus 5

Followers (More than 100= 5; 67-99= 3.3; 1-66= 1.7)

Pinterest 5

Followers (More than 100= 5; 67-99= 3.3; 1-66= 1.7)

Snapchat 5

(Yes= 5; No= 0)

Instagram 5

Photos (More than 100= 5; 67-99= 3.3; 1-66= 1.7)

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