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About Us is a social community website exclusively for nurses and healthcare professionals with the mission to provide comprehensive educational resources for those interested in entry-level or advanced practice nursing careers.

mini logo is a comprehensive online resource for current and future nursing students, as well as recent graduates seeking licensure and full-time employment. Our free, data-driven guides and program rankings spotlight the top undergraduate and graduate nursing programs in the country.

Other resources address courses and concentration options, tuition costs, and financial aid opportunities for students at all levels. We also offer in-depth profiles for registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and other popular nursing careers.

Our site is fully committed to editorial integrity and transparency. We understand the importance of accurate, unbiased content for prospective nurses, and we strive to assist nursing students and job-seeking graduates during every step of their educational journey. holds its editors, writers, and fact-finders to the highest standards of journalistic excellence and balanced presentation of facts.

Please note this is not a medical website. If you have questions for a licensed nurse or physician, or you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your doctor or call 9-1-1.

How We Make Money provides students with information about degrees and schools, and it helps match them with different programs based on their needs and preferences. Our site generates revenue through advertisements for degrees and programs from certain schools. These institutions may pay us for student referrals whenever a site visitor uses the program search tool or interacts with advertisements located throughout the site.

We understand the importance of differentiating between advertisements and unbiased editorial content. To minimize confusion for our readers, all advertisements are clearly labeled as such. Every guide and ranking on the site is free to access. Furthermore, we use a comprehensive ranking methodology to evaluate each college and university. Doing so ensures our advertising relationships never influence our editorial content.

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How long have you been in operation? first launched in 2013.

What makes you experts on healthcare education and careers?

Our team at is dedicated to providing helpful and accurate resources to our readers. In order to accomplish this, each and every piece of content on our site undergoes a rigorous research and review process. Furthermore, our work has been cited by leaders in the nursing and education fields, including the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, and Washington State University.

Do I already have to be a nurse to use your site?

No, we publish resources for nurses of all levels, including prospective nurses and students. For those interested in the field, our guides to entry-level nursing, becoming an RN, nursing careers, and scholarship opportunities are great places to start.

Do you offer nursing degree programs? does not offer nursing degrees; it only gathers information about schools that do.

How do you determine which schools make your rankings?

We gather information about schools from their websites as well as sources like the National Center for Educational Statistics. We use this information to determine our rankings.

What can I do to get my school on your list?

Though we do not allow schools to choose their place on our lists, we do partner with some schools. These partners are denoted as "featured" or "sponsored" when they appear on our site in exchange for compensation.

Who writes your site's content?

Our content is written by a team of dedicated writers. Some of our articles are also reviewed by professional nurses.

Can I share your information on my site or social media?

Yes, all we ask is that you include a link to for citation. Thank you!

We Want to Hear From You!

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