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Our Editorial Process

NurseJournal Staff
Updated December 5, 2022
    Learn about the values and processes that drive our writing.
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    At NurseJournal, you’ll find expert-driven, data-backed content. Our team follows strict editorial guidelines and processes to ensure our content meets high quality standards. Our editorial mission is driven by four core values:

    • Relevance – We cover topics trending in the field of nursing and feature insights and perspectives from real nurses.
    • Trustworthiness – All of our information comes from vetted, primary sources and is updated frequently.
    • Accuracy – Content is fact-checked by our team of copy editors or reviewed firsthand by nurses and other healthcare professionals.
    • Transparency – We are transparent about how we make money on our site and who our advertisers are.

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      The Topics We Cover

      While our main focus is nursing education and careers, we also write about other healthcare degree opportunities. Our News & Advice space provides support for both working and student nurses, and our Ask a Nurse series answers questions submitted by readers who want to know more about the field.

      Our social media team keeps a finger on the pulse of trending industry news, and we turn to the expertise of our nurse writers to source ideas for articles that are relevant, informative, and interesting.

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      Our Writers

      We assess and select writers based on the knowledge and experience they can bring to our different types of content. Our writers have backgrounds in nursing, healthcare, education, and journalism. You can learn more about our writers on our contributor page.

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      Our Review Process

      Our reviewer team provides first-hand healthcare experience and knowledge to ensure the content we create is accurate and comprehensive. Reviewers include registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who check relevant work for accuracy, proper sourcing, and unintentional bias.

      Pages that have gone through this review process are always labeled with a reviewer byline. Learn more about our reviewers on our contributor page.

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      Fact-Checking and Sourcing

      We prioritize the use of primary sources such as internally collected interviews and government or industry publications. All data and assertions of fact are backed up by at least one authoritative source, and sources are fact-checked by our team of copy editors. Learn more about the types of data sources we use.

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      Staying Up to Date

      We revisit evergreen content when new data is available so that it reflects the most recent information and statistics. News stories that cover a specific event in time may not be updated regularly. Articles include a date stamp indicating when the content was last edited or updated and a date for when the content was last reviewed. If you spot an error or outdated piece of content, feel free to reach out at the contact listed below.
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      Our Style and Voice

      Our goal is to present information that is interesting and accessible to all readers, nurses and non-nurses alike. Our voice is clear, warm, and empowering, as a cornerstone of our site mission is to lift up nurses and celebrate the work they do each day.

      We follow AP Style rules as well as an in-house style guide that is regularly updated by our Style Guide Committee. We write with a diverse audience in mind, and our style guide includes a conscious language section that provides guidelines on inclusive language and writing about sensitive subjects in healthcare. These guidelines have been reviewed by our anti-bias reviewers.

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      How We Make Money

      NurseJournal.org is an advertising-supported website. We partner with accredited online schools that compensate us to be featured on the site. These schools are suggested to readers who interact with degree search tools and featured posts labeled as advertisements. We may also be compensated through affiliate product links.

      To learn more about how our site is supported, view our advertising disclosure.

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      How We Maintain Editorial Independence

      Editorial objectivity is important to us. All editorial content on our site is written free of influence from advertising partners, and ads and affiliate products are always labeled with on-page disclosures. Similarly, our rankings are created using a data-backed methodology, and schools cannot request placement on our rankings lists.

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      Have Feedback?

      We strive to publish content that is fair, factual, and up to date, but if there is something we could be doing better, let us know at contact@nursejournal.org.

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