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Best Colorado Medical Assistant Programs & Online Training

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Colorado is a beautiful state filled with mountains and amazing sights. It also boasts of about 300 days of sunshine a year. Colorado is a state for exploration and recreation while also a popular place to work. Medical assistants are in particularly high demand here and the job market for these professionals is actually growing faster than anywhere else in the country. If you want to become a medical assistant it is very important that you find a school that offers exactly what you need or else you’ll find yourself in a career that is not to your liking and your chances for being successful are substantially lessened. It is generally recommended that you look at and speak to representatives from at least five different schools, more if you can, about their admission processes, their costs and what programs they offer. This will give you the best opportunity to find the program that is right for you. Below are the best Colorado medical assistant programs and training options.

Top Medical Assistant Programs in Colorado

Rank School Location
1 National American University Centennial, Colorado Springs and Denver, CO
2 IntelliTec Medical Institute Colorado Springs, CO
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