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Can Nurse Practitioners Work From Home?

Gayle Morris, BSN, MSN
Updated June 20, 2023
    As more people work remotely and technological advancement expands possibilities, many are asking if nurse practitioners can work from home.
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    • Technological advancements have created a variety of opportunities for nurse practitioners to work from home.
    • NPs should evaluate the pros and cons of working remotely to ensure they are ready for the challenges.
    • Many remote positions can be done completely at home, while others may require some travel.

    There are many opportunities for nurse practitioners to work from home. The number of options rose in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as more businesses explored how to keep their employees home while still being productive. Thankfully, technological advancements helped smooth this transition.

    First, consider whether you want to work at or from home. While these options may sound the same, the distinction depends on your situation. Nurse practitioners who work at home stay at home, while those working from home use their homes as a base of operations and travel to clients or other businesses throughout the day.

    Many full-practice authority states afford nurse practitioners (NPs) the autonomy and flexibility to practice independently and own their own businesses. Some of the following job options require NPs to live in those states. Explore the pros and cons of working from home and dive into remote opportunities for NPs.

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    Can Nurse Practitioners Work From Home? The Pros and Cons

    The answer to the question, “Can nurse practitioners work from home?” may lie in another question — do you want to work from home? While the opportunity may sound inviting, there are definite advantages and disadvantages that you must weigh before making a decision.


    • checkYou will likely experience a better work/life balance.
    • checkYou spend less on gas and work clothing and far less time getting to work.
    • checkYou work from the comfort of your own space.
    • checkYou save significant time on commuting that you can spend on doing a hobby or workout.
    • checkYou can better manage any chronic health conditions or other responsibilities.
    • checkYou may live anywhere with consistent internet access.
    • checkYou have creative control over your workspace.
    • checkYou can change where you work— in the home office, backyard, coffee shop, etc. — as you like.
    • checkYou can enjoy higher productivity and flexibility.


    • xYou may still need childcare since you can’t work full or part-time for an employer and watch your children.
    • xYou may have difficulty separating your “work” hours from your “home” hours.
    • xYou may feel isolated.
    • xYou lose the advantages of in-person collaboration.
    • xYou must be technologically skilled.
    • xYou may be tempted by your favorite streaming show or the dessert in the refrigerator.
    • xYour boss may schedule more meetings to accommodate the lack of in-person collaboration.
    • xYou may have to deal with cybersecurity concerns.
    • xYou may have difficulty maintaining confidentiality.

    12 Remote Job Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners

    Working remotely can present challenges for nurse practitioners who are used to collaborating with colleagues. However, for many NPs, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

    Health Coach

    NP health coaches can work in-person or virtually with patients to promote health and wellness or help those with chronic health conditions make healthy life choices. NPs can use video chatting and online coaching platforms to implement their programs.

    Nurse Educator

    Nursing programs often have online classes for associate and bachelor’s in nursing students, whether the student is in a fully online or hybrid nursing program. With the shortage of nurse educators, NPs with clinical experience can step into a teaching position from home.

    Medical/Health Writer

    Medical and health freelance writers, ghostwriters, and staff writers are in high demand. Possible employers include the federal government, physician offices, telehealth companies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and research teams. You’ll need a website, portfolio, and time to market your services — all from home.


    There are several telehealth and telemedicine options available for NPs who want to work from home. NP positions include evaluating and prescribing for virtual patients, but may also include phone triage, nurse call centers, or remote monitoring for obstetrics and cardiology patients.

    Case Management

    Insurance companies, private physician offices, and hospitals offer case management for chronically ill or complex patients. The objective is to reduce rehospitalization, lower costs, ensure quality care in the community, and connect patients with programs that can help patients to remain independent at home.

    Legal Consultant

    Legal nurse consultants work within the legal system for law firms, the government, insurance companies, or HMOs. The consultant reviews patient charts, acts as an expert medical witness, or helps interpret medical terminology for legal professionals. They support the litigation team to examine medical cases, offering opinions on medical records, disability, and test results that help the team come to a conclusion.

    Sales/Marketing Consultant

    Nurse practitioners are proficient at analyzing, describing, and prescribing pharmaceutical products and medical devices. This is one of the top reasons these companies seek out NPs as marketing consultants and sales representatives. Physicians and physician assistants also tend to respect other healthcare professionals instead of salespeople educated outside of medicine.

    Utilization Review NP

    This is traditionally a remote position in which an NP evaluates inpatient services to ensure proper medical care is given and is in line with the standards of care for the diagnosis. A patient’s care plan is evaluated to ascertain if evidence-based criteria are utilized and followed.

    Medical Weight Loss NP

    There is a growing number of people with higher weight looking for strategies to lose weight and keep it off. NPs can work with virtual medical weight loss clinics, helping to prescribe appropriate medication and offer lifestyle coaching to ensure patients receive the support they need to achieve their goals.

    Remote Psychiatric NP

    Experienced psychiatric nurse practitioners are in demand to counsel patients, prescribe medication, and follow up on mental health care through telehealth options. Most mental health companies allow NPs to be in charge of their schedules, and depending on the state, they can also practice autonomously.

    Insurance Claims Adjuster

    The role of an insurance claims adjuster is to work with the policyholder to investigate the legitimacy of the insurance claim based on the damage and insurance coverage. The transition to this position may be easier than you think. NPs have the knowledge to make these evaluations and decisions, balancing the best interests of the insurance company, patient, and healthcare provider.

    Informatics Nursing

    The NPs in these positions use their knowledge of technology to help solve challenges in healthcare institutions and impact patient outcomes. Many of these positions can be performed remotely but may require a few hours in the workplace to answer questions or provide educational workshops to those using the software.

    Nurse practitioners can work from home and can find a position that requires their unique skills and provides the reward of helping patients through difficult times. As you consider different employment options, be sure to fully evaluate the pros and cons of working from home.