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10 Influential AAPI Nurses to Follow on Social Media


Updated April 26, 2022 · 2 Min Read

Find out which Asian American and Pacific Islander nurses are paving the way for cultural awareness in nursing on social media.
10 Influential AAPI Nurses to Follow on Social Media
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As a nurse or nursing student, you have probably felt the pressure to prove that you're a valuable member of a healthcare team. You want to provide excellent care to see your patients thrive while showing your coworkers that patients are safe in your hands.

Being a minority nurse can add even more pressure to the already high standards you set for yourself. As an Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) nurse, there may be times when you feel misunderstood or even singled out in the workplace due to your race or culture.

Fortunately, nurse influencers use social media to create a community for AAPI nurses and educate others about the AAPI nurse experience. Through inspirational posts, they provide a space for nurses to come together to share their cultures and celebrate their differences.

Here are 10 nurse influencers who represent AAPI culture — and nursing — with dignity and pride.

10 Influential AAPI Nurses to Follow on Instagram

Ari, BS, BSN, RN | @nurseari_

Nurse Ari's page captures how it feels to be an Asian American nurse navigating the challenges of modern society while working in the intensive care unit (ICU) during a pandemic. She talks openly about her mental health journey and what it's like to break the taboo of Asian culture by going to therapy.

Visit Ari's page if you want to learn about AAPI heritage in addition to the realities of being an Asian American nurse.

Clara Jones, NP-C | @nurseclara

As the founder of The Asian Care Unit (ACU), Nurse Clara posts all things AAPI mentorship, empowerment, and self-reflection. She advocates for AAPI providers, students, and patients while covering topics like mental health, gynecology, and what it's like to be a nurse practitioner (NP) from a multicultural background.

AJ, BSN, RN, CCRN | @ajthenurse

If you're interested in gaining valuable insight into ICU nursing, take a look at Nurse AJ's page. He shares how he studied for (and passed!) the certified critical care registered nurse exam. He also shares how he contributes to the workplace as a charge nurse.

What's more, AJ uses his platform to educate viewers about what it's like to be a Filipino-American nurse and provides history lessons about AAPI culture.

Jasmine Win, L&D Nurse | @jasminewiin

On her stylish page, Win shares a glimpse at the life of a labor and delivery nurse who enjoys the finer things in life. Visit her page for inspiration on travel and food, and stay for helpful tips for moms with new babies.

Yaeeun, L&D RN, FNP-S |

Having experienced racism in the workplace in the corporate world, Yaeeun shares her journey to self-empowerment as a nurse practitioner. She inspires viewers to stand up for themselves to

achieve happiness in their careers, embodying an "intentional living x less-is-more" lifestyle.

Kali Patel, NICU RN | @kalindipatel_

When Patel isn't in scrubs, she's proudly rocking a sari. Her page shares her love for Indian culture, vegetarian food, and travel while covering the life of a night shift nurse in the neonatal ICU.

Whichever aspect of her life you resonate with more, Patel encourages followers to "be unapologetically you."

Vanessa Lee, RN | @vanessalee_rn

Lee is the founder of, a beauty concept bar that offers aesthetic services and beauty products. On her page, she discusses her Filipino heritage and the importance of embracing her natural features passed down from ancestors.

As an aesthetic nurse, she helps viewers feel beautiful by learning about skincare, aesthetics, and acne treatment.

Vanna Padilla, NP-C | @vannapadilla_np

As the founder of Your Skincare Expert, dermatology NP Padilla fills her page with valuable skincare tips from products you should be using to misconceptions about skincare routines. When she's not talking about skincare, Padilla can be found advocating for Asian American nurses as a member of the ACU.

Vivian, BSN, RN, WHNP-Student | @viv_obnurse

Visit Nurse Vivian's page to learn about Vietnamese culture and women's health nursing. Her posts bring conversations forward about sexual and reproductive health while advocating for women's reproductive rights.

Sara, NP | @the.nurse.sarah

Sara shares her love of nursing by covering her journey from pediatric hematology-oncology nursing to becoming a procedural nurse practitioner. She's also a Navy nurse, so her page shares how joining the Navy has impacted her career.

Visit her page for career tips and a peek behind the curtain into the personal life of an Asian American nurse.

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