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Mobile IV Nursing Is Trending Due to Earning Potential

Gayle Morris, BSN, MSN
Updated December 23, 2022
    Mobile IV nursing is growing and offers nurses the opportunity for higher pay and a flexible schedule. Explore this popular career.
    • Mobile intravenous (IV) nurses provide a unique and needed service to individuals seeking health and wellness solutions in their homes or offices.
    • Some companies hire nurses as employees and others add nurses as independent contractors, providing the necessary infrastructure for the mobile IV nurse to start their own business.
    • Nurses should examine the type of work, travel requirements, and potential work hours if they are considering becoming a mobile IV nurse.

    Posts from mobile IV nurses on TikTok have gotten over 34 million views, displaying everything from how to insert an IV to how much mobile IV nurses can make. Health and wellness solutions companies have creatively expanded the market, and they helped nurses along the way.

    With mobile IV nursing, infusions may be done at the patient’s home or work. Also, nurses have raised their earning potential and become their own bosses. Dive into what a mobile IV nurse does, how to become one, and discover the pay potential.

    What Is Mobile IV Nursing?

    Mobile IV nurses administer mobile IV infusion therapy. This is not a new field but during the pandemic, the role has expanded. Mobile IV nurses may administer medications or wellness therapies in IV solutions.

    You may be familiar with the role of an IV infusion nurse in a hospital or clinic setting. While a mobile IV nurse also administers solutions through an intravenous line, those solutions vary. For example, a mobile IV nurse may administer a vitamin solution or an infusion blend of antioxidants and electrolytes.

    A mobile IV therapy nurse must be able to start a peripheral IV in a patient’s home or work environment. They should administer the necessary IV solutions and observe the patient during the treatment. In some cases, the nurse may be asked to administer COVID-19 testing or give intramuscular injections.

    Individuals may request a mobile IV nurse to administer a next-day remedy after excessive alcohol intake or a recovery blend after an intensive endurance workout.

    The range of possibilities is broad. Additionally, mobile IV therapy may also include standard Western medical solutions, such as home-based antibiotic therapy. The service helps to fill a gap in healthcare for patients who may need IV hydration or want additional help to get over the stomach flu.

    How to Become a Mobile IV Nurse

    Mobile IV nurses specialize in administering intravenous fluids. To become a mobile IV nurse, you must hold an active and unencumbered registered nurse (RN) license in the state you wish to work. To get an RN license, you will need to complete an accredited associate nursing or bachelor’s in nursing program, take the National Council Licensure Examination, and submit the necessary documentation for a state RN license.

    Mobile IV nurses who work for wellness companies often care only for peripheral IV lines. These are catheters placed in a vein and through which they administer the fluid before removing the catheter.

    Mobile IV nurses who work for infusion companies and who administer medications and blood products must be familiar with using and caring for central intravenous lines, peripherally inserted central catheter lines, and arterial lines.

    The inpatient experience gives the nurse the knowledge, practice, and confidence needed to practice independently in a patient’s home, office, or hotel. Most companies want nurses with at least two years of hospital experience.

    This includes submitting a copy of your license, an interview, checking references, and a skills check. Companies may require basic life support certification and the ability to do drug calculations. There are companies in most major cities, and some like Hydreight add mobile IV nurses as independent contractors.

    How Much Do Mobile IV Nurses Make?

    How much mobile IV nurses make depends on whether they are employees or independent contractors. It also depends on where they work. Nurses have made videos on TikTok claiming to make $100 or more per hour. This is true for some companies and nurses administering certain products.

    However, it’s crucial to remember that independent contractors will also be responsible for paying taxes out of the hourly wage. Some companies also deduct fees, such as processing or supply fees.

    According to Indeed, registered nurses working at Mobile IV Medics earn $9,290 per month as of November 2022. This is an average annual salary of $111,48 or $58.06 per hour if the nurse is working full time.

    Things to Consider Before Becoming a Mobile IV Nurse

    There are several factors to consider if you’re interested in becoming a mobile IV nurse. For example, if you’re a nurse who enjoys the variety of work as an RN, you may not find excitement starting IVs repeatedly throughout the day.

    • Mobile IV nurses often stay with the patient as the fluid is infusing. If you have just one patient at the location, that may mean sitting and chatting for 45 minutes to an hour as the IV drips in.
    • Some mobile IV nurses are called to help rehydrate groups after a party. In this instance, you’ll be working with and monitoring several people for 1-2 hours.
    • Mobile IV nurses also travel between patients. You must have a dependable vehicle; many companies require that you have a valid driver’s license.
    • Just like nursing in a hospital, mobile IV nurses are needed at all hours. Although most people want treatment during the daytime hours, companies that administer antibiotics or other medical treatments may have patients who need help in the middle of the night.

    The field of mobile IV nursing is expanding. It offers nurses a unique opportunity to continue to work in healthcare, while making more money and taking control of their schedule. Evaluate all aspects of the role as you consider whether a mobile IV nursing position is right for you.