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Elizabeth Morrill, MHS, BSN, RN


Elizabeth Morrill, MHS, BSN, RN is a former ER nurse and current nurse writer who specializes in health content for businesses, patients, and healthcare providers. Her career has spanned the globe, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Guatemala, and currently Zambia. You can find her online at

  • Education: BSN, Georgetown University; BS in clinical psychology and English, Tufts University; master's in health sciences, Johns Hopkins University
  • Expertise: Nursing and medical education; Maternity, postpartum, and breastfeeding health; Diabetes care; Hypertension and heart health; Pediatric conditions and illnesses; Public health and behavioral interventions; Health and medical research; Best practices in nursing care; Psychology and mental health; Wellness, fitness, and nutrition

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Elizabeth Morrill, MHS, BSN, RN
October 11, 20214 Min Read