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The NurseJournal Rankings Team is made up of in-house editors, copy editors, and writers who create all of our nursing and healthcare rankings. Our editors calculate rankings based on a methodology that weighs factors we believe are most important to students: academic quality, affordability, school reputation, and program offerings.

Our ranking formulas incorporate school-level data points like student-to-faculty ratios, retention rates, and financial aid availability. We use the most current available data sets from the National Center for Education Statistics and update our rankings annually.

Editors review each ranking list to ensure the programs featured are accredited and actively offered. Our writers then create school and program descriptions based on information provided on school sites, and copy editors review this information to ensure it is correct.

For a more in-depth look at our rankings creation process and the data we use, see our rankings methodology breakdown.

Editorial Guidelines

Our team is dedicated to giving you expert-driven, data-backed information covering education. At, all pages are fact-checked by professionals and follow strict guidelines to ensure that content is timely, accurate, and free from bias. Read more about our process.


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NurseJournal Rankings Team