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Shrilekha Deshaies MSN, CCRN, RN

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  • Education: University of Saint Joseph, University of Phoenix Online
  • Affiliations: American Heart Association

Shri Deshaies is a nurse educator with over 20 years of teaching experience in hospital, nursing school, and community settings. Her clinical expertise is critical care. She is a certified critical care nurse and has worked in surgical intensive care units, including trauma, cardiovascular, and neurosurgery units.

Most recently, Deshaies has taught lab skills, tutored students, and wrote and performed in video demonstrations used for skills validations. She created a website for students and nurses learning critical care nursing and continues to add valuable content. Deshaies also offers private tutoring to nurses preparing for school exams and the NCLEX exam.

Deshaies' passion for health equity and reducing hospitalization has also led her to community nursing. This passion has extended into the homeless community where she provides nurse advocacy, navigation, and education to homeless men. Deshaies is working on a post-master's certificate in public health to complement her knowledge in this arena.

Subject areas:

Nurse education, critical care, home health care, faith community nursing

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