Best Kansas Medical Assisting Programs + Online Options

The health care and health insurance industries are expanding and more and more people are now able to access primary care. As a result of said expansion and the fact that populations are aging (including the health care workforce, who are retiring), there is a significant shortage of medical professionals. This means that now is a great time to look into a medical career. One of the most important careers in the field of health care, but one of the most overlooked, is that of medical assistant. They take on all the tasks that allow physicians and registered nurses to do their jobs properly, meaning they are integral to the proper delivery of high quality health care. If you hold a degree in medical assisting, be that a certificate, diploma or associate’s degree, you will play a pivotal role in improving health outcomes for communities across the country.

Kansas, in particular, has a significant shortage of doctors, which was recently highlighted by the Topeka Capital Journal. This shortage is particularly noticeable in the more rural areas, where clinics, hospitals and nursing homes are struggling to fill positions. This is why many rural medical centers have a heavy requirement for medical assistants who are able to take on as much of the work of doctors as possible. Some of the things medical assistants can do include drawing blood, taking vital signs, collecting medical histories of patients, and finding out the reason for a patient’s visit.

Kansas not only has a serious shortage of doctors, they also have an increasing number of patients. As insurance companies across the state are following state and federal laws and are hence lowering their rates, more and more people are seeking out medical care. This combination means that the demand for medical assistants is increasing even more. Achieving a diploma in this field is reasonably quick and affordable, so it is a great way to get started on a career in health care.

1. Brown Mackie College

At Brown Mackie College, the medical assistant program has been designed for those who truly enjoy helping those who are in need by delivering compassionate, caring care. It is a program for those who want to work as part of a team. Anyone who has these traits is perfectly suitable for studying to become a medical assistant. It only takes 60 hours to complete the program and graduates can then take the American Medical Technologist exam. This means that students can quickly get started in becoming one of the most important employees in the medical field.

• Campus: Kansas City and Salina, KS
• Type: Private
• Accreditation: HLC
• Tuition: $20,690 for diploma, $31,378 for associate’s degree
• Minimum time commitment: 14 months for diploma, 22 months for associate’s degree
• Online availability: No
• Degree requirements: High school or GED
• Programs: Diploma and Associate’s Degree
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

2. Heritage College

Heritage College offers an X-Ray Medical Technician-Medical Assistant program. The program’s instructors are highly dedicated to provide the highest level of education so that all students become confident in their own abilities to understand the materials and information that x-ray medical technicians and medical assistants need to know.

• Campus: Wichita, KS
• Type: Public
• Accreditation: ABHES
• Tuition: $24,995
• Minimum time commitment: 18 months
• Online availability: No
• Degree requirements: High school or GED, criminal background check
• Programs: X-Ray Medical Technician – Medical Assistant Program
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

3. National America University

At National America University, students learn from a combination of lectures and practical laboratory sessions in the medical assistant program. Additionally, they have to take part in a practicum once they have completed their coursework. This prepares them to take on an entry-level position in a range of healthcare settings, although the focus is particularly on ambulatory care. Graduates will perform clinical duties and administrative duties, while always being supervised by a physician. Some of their administrative duties include maintaining medical records, scheduling appointments, coding and billing, as well as working with insurance companies. Medical assistants also perform clinical duties such as preparing patients for an examination, taking and recording medical histories and vital signs, administrating medicine and more. Because the program is fully accredited, students are able to take the national certification exam and become CMAs (certified medical assistants).

• Campus: Overland Park and Wichita, KS
• Type: Private
• Accreditation: CAAHEP
• Tuition: Varies, around $13,000 per year
• Minimum time commitment: 2 years
• Online availability: No
• Degree requirements: High school or GED
• Programs: Associate’s degree, diploma
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

4. Pinnacle Career Institute

Pinnacle Career Institute is at the forefront of developing the medical assistant workforce of tomorrow. The school offers flexible classes as well as online classes, which means students can gain the skills and knowledge they need while working or meeting their other personal responsibilities. It offers a certificate training program and students are encouraged to continue on their journey of lifelong learning once they complete this.

• Campus: Kansas City and Lawrence, KS
• Type: Private
• Accreditation: ACICS
• Tuition: $16,105
• Minimum time commitment: 12 months
• Online availability: Yes – flex classes
• Degree requirements: High school or GED, interview, assessment
• Programs: Certificate training program
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

5. Vatterott Educational Centers

Vatterott Educational Centers was first establish in 1969 in St. Louis, Missouri. It has always been a highly popular college that quickly expanded into different geographical areas. Continuing on with their tradition of delivering high quality education in innovative ways, they also offer online courses to allow medical assistant program students to have greater flexibility in their learning experience.

• Campus: Wichita, KS
• Type: Private
• Accreditation: ACCSC
• Tuition: $36,586 for associate’s degree, $26,440 for diploma
• Minimum time commitment: 90 weeks for associate’s degree, 60 weeks for diploma
• Online availability: Some
• Degree requirements: High school or GED
• Programs: Diploma and associate’s degree
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid