Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses by State

Matthew Arrojas
Updated April 4, 2024
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    Nursing loan forgiveness programs can greatly reduce your student debt. Learn about student loan forgiveness for nurses in your state and how to qualify.
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    Nursing school requires a significant investment of time and money — especially if you pursue a bachelor of science in nursing or a master of science in nursing degree. However, national and state programs offer student loan forgiveness for nurses.

    These forgiveness programs usually require multiple years of work in federally designated healthcare professional shortage areas (HPSAs) or for nonprofit and government employers.

    Some states limit loan forgiveness programs to nurse practitioners (NPs) or behavioral health providers. This article outlines state options for loan forgiveness for nurses and the associated requirements, but always review a state’s site for full information.

    What States Offer Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness?

    Most states have a nursing loan forgiveness program to help with the national nurse shortage. Some states instead offer forgivable loans to aspiring nurses still pursuing a degree in nursing, with the promise that loans will be forgiven after working in the community for a set number of years. 

    This guide explores each state’s program and requirements, including repayment amounts, eligibility requirements, and ways to apply.

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