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A nursing career in the state of Texas is looking like a smarter career move than ever before. With the booming growth of the Texas population in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, the demand for good nurses is only going up in the Lone Star State. It was reported last year that Texas had the highest number of posted job openings for nurses in 2013. Also, Texas was reported in June 2014 to have added more jobs than any other state.

The salaries for nursing professionals also are on the upswing in TX. For example, According to Indeed.com the average nursing salary in Houston is $87,000:


Some of the most in demand types of nurses include:

  • Certified nurse midwife

  • Nurse practitioner

  • Nurse educator

  • Certified dialysis nurse

  • Pediatric endocrinology nurse

Please review the many nursing schools that are available in Texas, and consider this great state as your home base for an exciting health care career.

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