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Average RN Salary in Florida: See How Much FL Nurses Make

Maura Deering, J.D.
Updated December 14, 2022
Whether you're a Florida resident considering a nursing career or an RN thinking of moving to the Sunshine State, our guide to registered nurse salaries in Florida can help you plan for your future.
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Florida offers numerous benefits to registered nurses (RNs), including recreational activities and award-winning hospitals and nursing programs. Florida nursing schools allow learners to earn higher degrees that lead to increased salaries.

Although Florida ranks 33rd among U.S. states for RN salaries, the state ranks fourth for total employment of RNs. Top employers include Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Tampa General Hospital.

With a large population of retirees requiring an increased demand for healthcare professionals, Florida offers ample employment opportunities for RNs.

  • Average Florida RN Salary: $72,000 (Ranks 33rd among all states)
  • Hourly Florida RN Salary: $34.62
  • Projected Florida RN Employment Growth (2018-2028): 16.1%
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Average RN Salaries in Florida

RN salaries in Florida average $72,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with the national average at $77,600. However, Florida’s 16.1% projected job growth rate for 2018-2028 exceeds the national projection of 9%. Salaries may rise if the demand for trained nurses increases, particularly in areas with higher costs of living.

The table below illustrates the range of RN salaries in Florida, from $49,860 for the bottom 10th percentile to $95,630 for the top 90th percentile. For details about how to become an RN, visit our career overview page.

Infographic of registered nursing salary data in Colorado. The average annual RN salary is 80670. The average hourly RN salary is 38.78. Average RN salaries range from 60550 among the bottom 10th percentile of earners to 100870 among the top 90th percentile of earners.
Florida RN Salary Range
PercentileAverage Annual RN SalaryAverage Hourly RN Salary
50% (Median)$75,000$36.06


Florida RN Salary, Adjusted for Cost of Living

The cost-of-living index adjusts average salaries based on costs of goods and services for the region, such as clothing, education, food, healthcare, housing, and transportation. In Florida, the average RN salary adjusted for cost of living drops slightly to $71,496.

Florida’s cost-of-living index, at 100.7% comes in just above the U.S. average of 100, while salaries remain below the line.

  • Average RN Salary Adjusted for Cost of Living: $71,496 (Ranks 47th among all states)
  • Cost of Living Index (RPP): 1000.7% (0.7% lower than the U.S. average)

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Florida

The table below lists the top-paying cities for Florida RNs, all of which exceed the average salary for the state as a whole. Many people live in Florida for the warm weather and beach access, and salary rates may reflect the desirability of coastal cities, such as Miami, Cape Coral, Tampa, and Naples. In addition, Gainesville, Miami, Tampa, and other Florida cities host magnet hospitals, recognized for innovative nursing programs and practices.

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Floria
CityAverage RN Salary
Miami — Fort Lauderdale — West Palm Beach, FL$74,220
Gainesville, FL$73,980
Cape Coral — Fort Myers, FL$73,430
Tampa — St. Petersburg — Clearwater, FL$73,380
Naples — Immokalee — Marco Island, FL$73,360


Average Salaries for Other Nursing Roles in Florida

Average salaries for other types of nurses total just under $30,000 for nursing assistants to more than $170,000 for nurse anesthetists. Florida is home to a number of top nursing programs, including Gainesville-based University of Florida and many online options. RNs might consider returning to school to become advanced practice registered nurses, such as nurse practitioners and nurse midwives.

  • Nursing Assistants: $29,840
  • LPN/LVNs: $47,860
  • Nurse Midwives: $91,160
  • Nurse Practitioners: $104,830
  • Nurse Anesthetists: $170,950

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