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Average RN Salary in Idaho: See How Much ID Nurses Make

NurseJournal Staff
Updated October 10, 2023
Are you one of the many Americans considering moving to Idaho? Whether you are a resident or considering moving, this guide to RN salaries in Idaho tells you what you need to know.
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Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. This growth can be attributed to the number of people seeking affordable homes in the Pacific Northwest outside the increasingly expensive northern California, Oregon, and Washington states.

This guide to registered nurse (RN) salaries in Idaho explains how these professionals can negotiate the best possible pay. Keep reading to find out where registered nurse salaries are highest and how other nursing salaries compare.

  • Average Idaho RN Salary: $73,640 (Ranks 28th among all states)
  • Hourly Idaho RN Salary: $35.41
  • Projected Idaho RN Employment Growth (2018-2028): 19.9%

Source:Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Projections Central

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Average RN Salaries in Idaho

The annual median registered nurse salary in Idaho is $75,560, with half of all annual RN salaries in Idaho ranging from $61,030-$79,360. This puts the median RN salary in Idaho slightly below the national median salary of $77,600. Half of all hourly registered nurse salaries in Idaho are between $29.34 and $38.16.

These are considerably lower than the median RN salaries in California ($124,000), Oregon ($98,630), and Washington ($95,350). However, a decreased cost of living, especially in housing, explains why nurses in Idaho earn lower salaries than in these states.

Infographic of registered nursing salary data in Idaho. The average annual RN salary is $73,640. The average hourly RN salary is $35.41. Average RN salaries range from $59,640 among the bottom 10th percentile of earners to $98,030 among the top 90th percentile of earners.
Idaho RN Salary Range
PercentileAverage Annual RN SalaryAverage Hourly RN Salary
50% (Median)$75,560$36.33


Idaho RN Salary, Adjusted for Cost of Living

Idaho’s cost of living continues to rapidly rise, especially in Boise, where one report found that rent increased by 30% from 2015-2018. Fortunately, with a cost of living index of 91.2, it costs 8.8% less to live in Idaho than in the United States as a whole. The cost of living index compares the state cost of goods and services to the national average.

Adjusted for cost of living, the average RN salary in Idaho is the equivalent of $80,120, making it the 17th highest in the country.

  • Average RN Salary Adjusted for Cost of Living: $80,120 (Ranks 17th among all states)
  • Cost of Living Index (RPP): 91.2 (8.8% lower than the U.S. average)

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Idaho

With Boise’s population and cost of living rising so quickly, it may be a surprise that it does not have the highest RN salaries in Idaho. Instead, Coeur d’Alene offers the highest registered nurse salaries in Idaho. Coeur d’Alene is also growing rapidly and is a popular commuter area for Spokane, Washington, which is approximately 30 miles away.

Lewiston is Idaho’s only seaport. Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and the local government continues to push for tech employers to relocate. Twin Falls and Pocatello, like many cities in Idaho, are known for their natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Pocatello is also home to Idaho State University.

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Idaho
CityAverage RN Salary
Coeur d’Alene, ID$78,600
Lewiston, ID — WA$78,150
Boise City, ID$75,510
Twin Falls, ID$71,760
Pocatello, ID$69,620


Average Salaries for Other Nursing Roles in Idaho

The average RN salary in Idaho is considerably higher than the $47,940 annual average salary for all jobs in the state. However, if you are looking to earn even more, a graduate degree in nursing can improve your salary prospects.

Earning a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree prepares you to pursue employment as a nurse anesthetist, the highest-paying nursing specialty. A master of science in nursing (MSN) can qualify you for roles as a nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or clinical nurse specialist — all of which pay considerably more than registered nurse salaries in Idaho.

  • Nursing Assistants: $30,380
  • LPN/LVNs: $49,440
  • Nurse Midwives: $61,740
  • Nurse Practitioners: $105,290
  • Nurse Anesthetists: $171,790


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