Best Nebraska Medical Assistant Programs & Training Options

NurseJournal Staff
Updated August 30, 2023
    Explore top medical assistant program and training options available in the rural state of Nebraska.
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    The strongest industries in Nebraska are farming and ranching but the health care industry is doing very well, too. There are some 2 million people in the state, and each of these people has health needs. This means there is a strong demand for people who are skilled and caring. The demand is the strongest in areas like Omaha. There are a number of schools in the state that offer medical assisting programs. Many of these are covered under the Nebraska Student Loan Repayment Program, which has been designed to attract more students into the industry, as there is such a shortage of staff.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that Nebraska is one of the best paying states for medical assistants. Some 6,800 people are currently working in this role and they earn an average of $28,150, well above the region’s average. Those who are certified medical assistants tend to be the most in demand. This means that choosing a program that allows you to become certified is generally a better option in terms of career prospects and salary.The demand growth in the field is also expected to be much quicker than any other profession. This is due to the aging population of the state in general, and health care professionals specifically. This means that there is much job security in this field as well. It is very important, however, to choose a school that offers the best possible options in terms of your own needs and requirements.