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Practical Nurse LPN Programs in Philadelphia

NurseJournal Staff
Updated October 3, 2023
    License Practical Nurses (LPNs) in Philadelphia are in high demand for hospitals and outpatient clinics. Recent changes in laws about IV therapy throughout the state have helped to standardize the approved curriculum for certificate programs and create a more comprehensive...
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    License Practical Nurses (LPNs) in Philadelphia are in high demand for hospitals and outpatient clinics.  Recent changes in laws about IV therapy throughout the state have helped to standardize the approved curriculum for certificate programs and create a more comprehensive understanding of this treatment process and its physiological effects.  This means that LPNs can also legally perform more functions in the clinical aspect of their role as adjuncts to Registered Nurses (RNs) and physicians.  On the job front, this has opened the employment options for LPNs in Philadelphia to include critical care centers, dialysis providers, and more in-home services that may be performed independently.

    Philadelphia LPN Requirements

    Along with the completion of an accredited degree program over the course of at least one year, applicants for a state nursing license also require CPR certification, health insurance, and professional liability insurance before they can apply for the exam.  Upon completion of these prior tasks, your school will submit graduation information to the State Board of Nursing, while you submit an application for license, along with the appropriate fees.  You  must then pass the NCLEX exam before obtaining a license.

    It is important to note, that in Philadelphia, students of nursing with at least six months experience may gain clinical hours outside of the course program on a limited license.  Should the graduate fail their NCLEX, then the temporary license becomes void, and the applicant must wait at least 45 days before retaking the exam.

    Philadelphia LPN Salary

    In Philadelphia, LPNs fall above the the national median salary range, in the lower part of the 75th percentile.  Most LPNs average about $48,000 a year and work in the fastest growing industry branches at nursing homes and long-term care facilities.  While hospitals and private practices pay less, at between $38,000 and $41,000 a year, the demand for nurses in these settings is higher, and may provide greater job security and growth in salary rates. According to Indeed.com, Average LPN salaries for job postings in Philadelphia, PA are 5% higher than average LPN salaries for job postings nationwide.


    LPN Jobs & Opportunities

    Philadelphia has one of the higher concentrations of LPNs in a metropolitan area, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, and even with this concentration of existing nurses, an expected 5% rise in employment and a 1% rise in wages is expected over the next year.  This addresses the need for healthcare workers and the demand for LPNs in all healthcare settings.  The prospect of job growth and security is considered very high for LPNs in the Philadelphia Metro area.

    Some Philadelphia employers include:

    Holy Redeemer Lafayette

    8580 Verree Road

    Philadelphia, PA 19111

    (215) 214-2800

    Holy Redeemer Lafayette is a long-term care facility that specializes in promoting independent living for individuals with special health needs. An LPN position at this facility would be working under the direction of the Nurse Manager, and the candidate would have responsibilities to the residents and the rest of the healthcare team.  The LPN would work to support the independence and abilities of the residents, while providing daily physical care and emotional and psychological support.  A current LPN license is required, and while experience is preferred, entry-level applicants are considered.

    Hoffman Hall

    3950 D Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    (215) 291-1231

    Hoffman Hall is a Community Education Center that is focused on providing residential and outpatient services for individuals who are re-entering the community.  LPNs would be in charge of assessing drug and alcohol dependency and administering medical and social treatment for patients, including drawing labs and giving TB tests.  Many administrative tasks are also required, including ordering inventory, keeping stock sheets, managing audits, and medical transcription.  This job requires a current nursing license and is ideal for entry-level candidates.

    Community College of Philadelphia
    LocationPhiladelphia, PA

    One accredited program that is offered in the greater Metro area is through the Community College of Philadelphia, which is located about 5 miles North of Rittenhouse Square. The four semester program can be completed in about a year and covers the theoretical aspects and lab skills for LPNs. Clinical rounds would need to be completed on a temporary license, and it is recommended that students begin this process once they have reached the six month mark, so that they meet all the requirements to sit for the NCLEX upon graduation.

    Temple University
    LocationPhiladelphia, PA

    The Northeastern Hospital School of Nursing at Temple University offers accredited degree programs over the course of three semesters and may be completed in as little as 11 months. This course combines lectures and clinical hours in the teaching hospital so that students meet the pre-requisites for the licensing exam.

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