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Average RN Salary in Washington: See How Much WA Nurses Make

NurseJournal Staff
Updated June 19, 2023
Learn about the average RN salary in Washington; find out which cities pay the highest, and how the cost of living in the state impacts an RN's salary.
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Registered nurses considering relocation and students looking for top nursing schools across the U.S. may be interested in the average RN salary in Washington. On average, Washington nurses earn $45.84 per hour, ranking fifth among all states.

Continue reading to learn more about RN salaries in Washington, including the top-paying cities, average salary adjusted for cost of living, and more.

  • Average Washington RN Salary: $96,980 (Ranks 5th among all states)
  • Hourly Washington RN Salary: $45.84
  • Projected Washington RN Employment Growth (2018-2028): 20.5%


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Average RN Salaries in Washington

According to the BLS, the average annual salary for Washington RNs in 2021 was $95,350, which is 15.2% higher than the national average income for registered nurses. This translates to $45.84 per hour and compares favorably to nearby states, such as Idaho, where RNs earn an average hourly rate of $35.41.

Across the state of Washington, RNs in the 10th percentile earn an average income of $74,070 per year or $35.61 per hour. RNs in the 90th percentile earn an average annual salary of $127,320, which translates to an hourly rate of $61.21 per hour.

Because of its high cost of living, Washington ranks among the top-paying states in the U.S. for registered nurses. The state’s nurses are compensated well due to the need for nurses at renowned facilities like the UW Medical Center and Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Infographic of registered nursing salary data in Washington. The average annual RN salary is $95,350. The average hourly RN salary is $45.84. Average RN salaries range from $74,070 among the bottom 10th percentile of earners to $127,320 among the top 90th percentile of earners.
Washington RN Salary Range
PercentileAverage Annual RN SalaryAverage Hourly RN Salary
50% (Median)$96,980$46.63


Washington RN Salary, Adjusted for Cost of Living

Washington is the sixth-highest state for cost of living. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the cost of living in Washington is 107.4, which amounts to a 7.4% higher cost of living than the national average.

Localized regional price parity (RPPs) measures the variation in pricing of products and services in local regions, compared to national average costs. The adjusted income by RPP for nurses in Washington is $88,294, which is above the national average adjusted RN salary.

  • Average RN Salary Adjusted for Cost of Living: $88,294 (Ranks 7th among all states)
  • Cost of Living Index (RPP): 107.4 (7.4% higher than the U.S. average)

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Washington

RN salaries in Washington are above the national average due to the state’s high cost of living and competitive housing market. Washington also ranks high for RN salaries due to the high demand for medical professionals at the state’s large, top-ranking medical institutions.

These organizations include Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital in Spokane and Seattle’s Swedish Medical Center. According to Projections Central, the demand for RNs in Washington is projected to grow at an encouraging rate of 20.5% from 2018-2028.

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Washington
CityAverage RN Salary
Seattle — Tacoma — Bellevue, WA$99,310
Spokane — Spokane Valley, WA$92,620
Wenatchee, WA$91,470
Olympia — Tumwater, WA$90,290
Bremerton — Silverdale, WA$89,210


Average Salaries for Other Nursing Roles in Washington

Students planning to continue their education to the master’s level may be interested to learn that advanced practice nurses, such as nurse practitioners (NPs), earn 10.8% more in Washington than in other states, on average. With an average salary of $130,840, Washington ranks fourth among the highest-paying states for NPs. Other nursing roles and salaries in Washington include:

  • Nursing Assistants: $38,270
  • LPN/LVNs: $63,250
  • Nurse Midwives: $111,780
  • Nurse Practitioners: $130,840
  • Nurse Anesthetists: $244,730

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