15 Nurse Blogs You Should Be Following

Gayle Morris, MSN
Updated March 23, 2023
    Blogs and podcasts teach you something new and often keep you entertained. These 15 nurse blogs answer many of the questions nurses ask each day.
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    Why should you read nursing blogs? What’s the return on the investment of your time and energy? There are three reasons that most people follow bloggers. They want to:

    • Learn something new
    • Be entertained
    • Discover new trends

    You can meet each of these by reading online news or magazines. But you get something “extra” reading blog posts from nurses who are on the industry’s front line. You’ll connect with a real person who speaks authentically about the challenges and rewards of nursing. This can be inspiring and provides you with information to help improve your skills.

    We share 15 nursing blogs that will inspire, challenge, and make you laugh. Find links to podcasts and Instagram accounts because blogs come in many different forms today!

    Nurses Recommend You Check Out These 15 Nurse Profiles

    We asked experienced registered nurses (RNs) who participate in advocacy and content creation to tell us their favorite nursing influencers. These are their choices.

    Nurse Blake


    Nurse Blake consistently posts comic relief for nurses and nursing students. He also supports NurseCon.com, a community of nurses and free continuing nursing education courses. Nurse Blake recently took his comedy on the road on his 55-location PTO Comedy Tour.

    Bundle Birth Nurses


    Bundle Birth Nurses posts education and support for labor and delivery (L&D) nurses. They post several images sent from L&D nurses from around the country. The founder Sarah Lavonne has a YouTube channel and offers birth coaching and online classes for pregnant individuals.

    Nurses of Instagram


    This Instagram account curates many other Instagram posts and reshares memes, TikToks, and nursing blog posts. They showcase content that is funny, sarcastic, inspirational, and tender. There is a little something for everyone on this account.

    Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, CCRN-K

    The FreshRN Podcast

    The podcast is hosted by seasoned nurses who share basic information nurses must know about their first year of work as an RN. The host is Kati Kleber, a well-known Instagram influencer and educator.

    She has written several books with tips and tricks for nursing students. She also developed online courses and other resources for nurses. One of her books talks about building a brand and income as a nurse influencer.

    Maureen (Nurse Mo), MSN, RN, CCRN

    Straight A Nursing

    Nurse Mo is an experienced intensive care unit (ICU) and postanesthesia care unit nurse. Since starting the blog in 2014, she has written a book helping students thrive in nursing school. She has developed online courses to help nursing students graduate.

    Nurse Mo hosts two podcasts, Straight A Nursing and Study Sesh. Study Sesh is a paid membership podcast that teaches students study techniques.

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    Nurse Nacole, RN, BSN


    Follow Nurse Nacole on YouTube

    Nurse Nacole is a board-certified critical care advanced practice nurse with a master of science in nursing and master of business administration. She speaks to nursing students and new nurses about relevant topics, such as passing the National Council Licensure Examination, advancing nurses’ education, or remaining focused on the job. She posts a tip of the day and maintains a YouTube channel too.

    ANS: Advances in Nursing Science Blog


    The Advances in Nursing Science journal aims to promote the development of knowledge and the integration of nursing philosophies and research with practice. Posts are published to the nursing blog intermittently, covering many of the clinical and legislative issues pertinent to the profession. You can subscribe to their list, so you don’t miss a post.

    Diversity Nursing Blog


    This website features a blog to address nurses’ demands across the U.S. The blog connects nurses with employers while expanding diversity in nursing for working nurses and student nurses. It is a resource for news and insights with a focus on inclusion and cultural competence for nurses. The website also hosts a forum, job board, and podcasts.

    Julianna Paradisi, RN, OCN


    Paradisi is an oncology-certified nurse who is also an artist. Her website is a place where science, humanity, and art converge. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in the Pacific Northwest, and her written work has been published nationally.

    She is also one of the authors and illustrators of the American Journal of Nursing blog. Paradisi shares her personal stories and advocates for change.

    American Journal of Nursing Blog


    Off the Charts is the blog of the American Journal of Nursing. They cover nursing topics like research, history, and nursing perspectives. They also cover public health, technology, ethics, and patient concerns.

    When you sign up for an email subscription, you’ll be notified of every new post.

    Lori Roscoe, DNP, Ph.D., APRN, ANP-C, CCHP-RN


    Lori Roscoe’s nurse blog is focused on supporting nurses working in correctional facilities. Roscoe provides consulting services to jails and prisons throughout the U.S., helping them in operations and nursing practice. She also offers an online education program specialized for correctional nurses.

    Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN


    Follow Brittney on Twitter

    Brittney Wilson works to build communities to support nurses and help them feel confident in their skills. The Nerdy Nurse began in 2010 and focuses on nursing and technology. She covers personal branding, lifestyle, healthcare, and nursing products and services.

    Wilson has worked in medical-surgical units, clinical informatics administration and implementation, and as a community strategist.

    Kathy Quan, RN, BSN, PHN


    Quan has been a nurse for over 35 years. She has written several books addressing nursing issues and caring for aging parents. She runs and writes two nursing blogs. TheNursingSite.com covers topics about nursing school, stress, travel, and what to expect as a new graduate. AboutAgingParents.com focuses on providing content and resources for children caring for their aging parents.

    Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC


    Follow Keith on Twitter

    Keith Carlson is a holistic career coach, writer, blogger, and speaker. He produces a weekly podcast and blog in which he offers career advice and commentary on trending and current healthcare news. He coaches nurses on burnout, self-care, and entrepreneurship.

    Editor’s note: Carlson is a contributing writer for NurseJournal.

    Jerome Stone, RN


    Follow Jerome on Twitter

    Jerome Stone is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in pain management, hospice care, ICUs, and research. He is a practitioner of meditation with an emphasis on Tibetan Buddhism. He uses his degrees in environmental education, comparative mythology, and depth psychology to provide nurses with a broad range of meditation and self-care information.

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