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Health and Wellness Discounts for Nurses

Gayle Morris, BSN, MSN
Updated December 15, 2022
    Achieving your health and wellness goals is not always easy. Companies offer these health discounts for nurses to help lower the cost and boost your motivation.

    Without healthy nurses, our healthcare system cannot function. So we’ve gathered health discounts for nurses on this page. Whether you’re looking for fitness equipment, gym memberships, or health supplements, you’ll want to check out the wellness discounts below.

    23 Health and Wellness Discounts Nurses Can Redeem Now

    Clothing and Equipment

    Nike Shoes: Nike offers a 10% discount for all healthcare providers after their status is verified through SheerID. Healthcare providers can purchase a new pair of shoes with a discount every seven days, but will need a new promo code.

    Athletic Propulsion Labs: APL offers a 30% discount to healthcare providers after verification through SheerID. Consumers receive a promo code that expires 30 days after issue. The company sells supportive athletic shoes for the gym or work.

    Keen: The independently owned brand from Portland, Oregon, sells outdoor fitness footwear and work boots. They offer a wellness discount to healthcare professionals that fluctuates throughout the year. Healthcare providers must be verified through ID.me.

    Backcountry: The company offers clothing for various outdoor activities and interest levels. Clothing and footwear for running, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, camping, and more are available. Healthcare providers receive a 20% discount on all full-priced items after verification with ID.me.

    TRX: The company sells innovative home exercise gear, weights, strength bands, and virtual fitness classes. Nurses receive a 20% discount after verification through ID.me.

    Competitive Cyclist: Nurses receive a 20% discount after verification through ID.me. The company sells bikes, accessories, maintenance supplies, and clothing for people who enjoy cycling. Although normally a summer sport, you can use the wellness discount for indoor cycling equipment to get through the winter months.

    Vessi: The company sells 100% waterproof sneakers that work in any weather and claims to keep your feet dry on the job. Nurses receive a 20% discount after verification through ID.me.

    Taylormade Golf: The online golf shop provides golfers with the necessary equipment, accessories, and clothing to enjoy their sport. After verification with ID.me, nurses can apply the promo code to receive 15% off gear, balls, and customized equipment.

    Health Food and Supplements

    BodyBuilding.com: The online sports nutrition company offers a 10% health discount for nurses after verification through ID.me. The company also sells online fitness programs, fitness calculators, and recipe databases.

    Freshology: Nurses receive a 55% discount on their first order from this meal subscription service. You personalize your menu, and the company cooks it, packs it, and mails it to you. You can warm your meals in minutes. The company sometimes offers discounts on a first order, but nurses always get a bigger discount after verification with ID.me.

    HelloFresh: The company packages regional, fresh food and mails it directly to you with easy recipes. The company offers nurses 70% off the first order, free delivery, and 15% off every order after verification through ID.me.

    Diet-to-Go: The company sends a personalized selection of ready-to-eat meals, using portion control to help nurses who want to lose weight. The company offers a 55% wellness discount for nurses after verification through ID.me.

    GNC: The company offers a variety of health, wellness, and sports performance products. Nurses receive a 10% discount on everything after verification through ID.me.

    Joy Organics: The company provides ingestible and topical organic CBD products. CBD activates the internal endocannabinoid system and helps regulate hormones and other neurotransmitters. This has the effect of lower pain, improving emotional stability, and mediating quality sleep. The company offers a 50% health discount for nurses after verification through ID.me.

    Beam: The company provides functional therapeutics to help improve energy and balance your mood. These include whey protein, super greens, and recovery amino acids after a particularly difficult workout. Vegans can find vegetable protein foods, including peanut butter smoothies, cinnamon cereal, and blueberry muffins. Nurses get a 25% discount after verification through ID.me.

    Laird Superfood: The company’s plant-based ingredients include drink mixes, blends, creamers, coffee, and snack foods. The company carries products for immune support, improving energy, and helping recovery after an intense workout. Nurses receive a 15% discount on all products after verification through ID.me.

    Gym Memberships and Fitness Classes

    Jillian Michaels: The company offers a 40% wellness discount for nurses after verification through ID.me. The app contains fitness classes, and nutrition and mindfulness programs for an overall approach to fitness.

    P.Volve: The company offers 30% of the site for nurses after verification through SheerID. The company offers virtual classes, a live virtual studio experience, and advice on fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition.

    Atera Spas: The Arizona company offers a discount for all medical professionals purchasing cold and hot spas or swim spas for your home. You must request a quote to determine the size of your discount.

    Weight Crafters: Nurses receive 10% off the weight loss camp and residential retreat options where campers learn how to use fitness, nutrition, and mental health to improve their life choices and lose weight.

    Calibrate: The company gives a $50 health discount on a one-year membership with the promo code. The weight loss program focuses on lifestyle changes, video coaching, and doctor-prescribed medication.

    Promo code: WELCOME50

    Peloton App: The app gives members live and on-demand fitness classes with and without equipment. There is a diverse set of indoor cycling, running, walking, and strength training programs. The standard price is $12.99 per month, but nurses and other healthcare providers pay just $9.99 per month.

    PACT Accountability: This is a free app in the Apple and Android Play Store. Although not specifically a deal for healthcare workers, the app offers hyper-personalized fitness programs, nutrition tracking, and experienced coaches to help clients lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. They offer a support community with recipe ideas and tips for people when they travel.