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The Best Gifts for Nurses and Nursing Students

Readers can look to this page to explore thoughtful, useful, and unique gifts for nurses and nursing students.

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Nurses working at all levels and in every discipline play a crucial role in the United States healthcare system. These healthcare providers frequently work long hours to care for their patients and often go home exhausted. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many Americans want to show their gratitude for nurses and their devotion to promoting health and wellness across the country. 

With the U.S. currently anticipating an impending, escalating nursing shortage, schools continue to actively search for new methods to recruit new nurses to alleviate shortages. While healthcare companies try to ease nurse’s burdens, family members, friends, and communities can show nurses that we appreciate them and their efforts.

On this page, readers can explore thoughtful, unique, and useful gift ideas for nurses and nursing students. These gifts can leave nurses feeling appreciated and acknowledged for all their hard work.

1. Compression Socks

Nurses often work 12-hour shifts, or longer, and spend most of this time on their feet. Compression socks can provide comfort for nurses by preventing swelling and promoting better circulation. Online stores like Figs feature compression socks with many different design options.

2. Stethoscope

Every nurse should possess a quality stethoscope. Stethoscopes make for a useful and thoughtful gift for recent nursing graduates and nursing students alike. Gift givers can choose from thousands of stethoscopes, with many different brands, colors, and other variations on

3. Stethoscope Tag

Since every nurse needs a stethoscope and some nurses might have similar gear, stethoscope tags allow nurses to personalize their stethoscope and help them differentiate from others. Etsy offers unique, personalized stethoscope tags and charms.

4. Subscription to American Nurses Association

The ANA serves nurses of all disciplines and provides them with useful resources and professional development opportunities. Membership to the organization includes monthly dues, so you can consider covering these monthly dues for recent graduates looking for placements.

5. Cell Phone Sanitizer

UV portable phone sanitizers

come with a charger and kill 99.9% of bacteria in just six minutes. The device charges through a USB port and doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser.

6. Penlight

Every nurse should have a good penlight. These specialized flashlights contain LED or halogen bulbs, emitting a very bright light. Gift-givers can consider many different penlight types, including disposable, reusable, mid-range, and luxury options.

7. Tumbler

Since nurses work long shifts, they should have an insulated drink tumbler that can keep their coffee hot and their water cold. Yeti makes several insulated tumblers that come in different colors. Some online shops on Etsy even offer personalized tumblers that include designs, names, and other customization options.

8. ID Badge Holder

Nurses of all disciplines across workplace settings must wear ID badges. To make these fun and unique, gift-givers can consider buying an ID badge holder. These holders feature fun characters, animals, designs, and colors, allowing some personalization to match the nurse’s particular tastes.

9. Nursing “Survival Kit”

Gift-givers can put together a nursing “survival kit” and include items such as energy drinks, mints, protein bars, hand sanitizer, lotion, and other snacks or personal items specific to that nurse’s needs or interests.

10. Nursing Bag

Since nurses often carry items to and from work, a nursing bag designated for that purpose makes for an ideal gift. These bags can help nurses stay organized, and gift-givers can choose the one that most matches the nurse’s particular style.