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6 Must-Have Items for New Nurses

NurseJournal Staff
Updated August 15, 2022
    As new nurses familiarize themselves with life on the job, certain tools can help ease them into their role. Read this guide for suggestions from veteran nurses on what items are essential for new nurses.
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    Beginning your career as a nurse can seem daunting. Nursing school places a significant pressure on students to help prepare them for the demands of working in a hospital or clinic. For those entering nursing school, and professionals stepping into the workforce, however, all preparation can fail without proper tools and preparation.

    This guide offers advice from two nurses, each with a decade’s worth of experience. Some nurse must-haves may surprise you. Overall, these nurse tools help with issues of organization and time management, preparing new nurses to navigate the challenging, busy, and sometimes overwhelming healthcare field.

    If you want more information on how to succeed as you begin your nursing career and things nurses need, read tips for nurses in their first year and this guide covering the five most common mistakes made by new nurses.

    Meet Our Contributors

    Portrait of Nicholas McGowan

    Nicholas McGowan

    Nicholas McGowan holds 10 years of experience in cardiovascular, surgical intensive care, and neurological trauma nursing. He served as president of the AACN Inland Empire Chapter and led over 500 members in the Southern California region. Nicholas also piloted the rapid response program for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation. He now manages the Critical Care Academy and consults with regional healthcare organizations.

    Portrait of Alaina Ross

    Alaina Ross

    Alaina Ross is an RN, BSN, with 10 years of experience as a pre-op and PACU nurse. Alaina is also an expert contributor for Test Prep Insight, a company that helps nursing students prepare for exams like the TEAS and NCLEX.

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