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Endoscopy Nurse Careers and Salary Outlook

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If you want to learn how to become an endoscopy nurse, you’re in the right place. This page outlines the endoscopy nurse career path, including how to earn an endoscopy nurse degree and endoscopy nurse requirements.

What is an endoscopy nurse? What does an endoscopy nurse do? How much does an endoscopy nurse make? Read on to explore the answer to these questions, including how to become an endoscopy nurse and the necessary education, training, and certification for professionals in the field.

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What is an Endoscopy Nurse?

Endoscopy nurses conduct medical procedures to diagnose and assess respiratory and gastroenterological disorders by looking inside the human body. They insert a fiber optic tube with an attached camera into the bowels, giving medical professionals a look inside the lining of the patient’s intestines. Endoscopy nurses allow doctors to see the body’s internal structure to accurately treat and diagnose disorders and diseases.

  • What Do Endoscopy Nurses Do?

    An endoscopy nurse works within the endoscopy unit of a hospital or other medical institution. They use endoscopes, which are miniature cameras that medical professionals use to view problems within the body, usually originating in the genitourinary system or the digestive system.

    Nurses are usually involved with sedation and post-procedure care. By working within different medical centers, endoscopy nurses experience different responsibilities and roles. Some doctors give more independence to nurses within this profession, while others prefer to perform much of the work themselves. Endoscopy nurses are sometimes called gastroenterology nurses due to the focus area during procedures.

    Endoscopy nurses function as essential members of healthcare teams, preparing patients for procedures and helping during those procedures along with screenings. Endoscopy nurses also help treat and diagnose respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders and diseases.

    Responsible for treating patients who suffer from a variety of diseases, injuries, and disorders in the upper and lower digestive tract, endoscopy nurses treat diseases like reflux, constipation, food allergies, chronic diarrhea, and ulcers. They help with bronchoscopy procedures, which visualize the respiratory organs.

  • Where Do Endoscopy Nurses Work?

    Endoscopy nurses work across a variety of settings, including outpatient facilities like clinics, specialized treatment units, and office practices. Many endoscopy nurses work in hospitals.

  • Skills That Could Affect Endoscopy Nurse Salaries

    Working as an endoscopy nurse is both challenging and rewarding for many professionals. Endoscopy nurses work with patients who are often experiencing difficult procedures, causing them much fear and anxiety, or patients facing severe health issues. By applying the correct skill set, they can effectively help their patients through these difficult times.

    Endoscopy nurses need excellent communication skills. They must address their patients in a relatable way and help comfort their patients before their procedure. Nurses should also possess empathy, understanding when and how to comfort their patients. Endoscopy nurses must pay close attention to detail and be able to take their time to effectively and precisely complete their job.

How to Become an Endoscopy Nurse

Individuals can become an endoscopy nurse in as little as three years with an associate degree in nursing. Some endoscopy nurses follow a bachelor’s degree pathway, taking them closer to five years to begin their careers. Once individuals complete their education requirements, they can satisfy licensing requirements, completing the registered nurses examination. After obtaining their RN license, prospective endoscopy nurses can pursue a training program to gain the required skills and knowledge for their interest area.


To become an endoscopy nurse, individuals must obtain licensure as a registered nurse. Educational requirements to become a registered nurse typically involve an associate degree or a bachelor of science in nursing program. Individuals can usually complete an associate program in two years and can often explore online opportunities. Learners pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing take around four years to earn their degree. Many online bachelor’s degree opportunities exist for students. Some allow learners to pursue accelerated formats to earn their degree sooner.

Training and Certification

Before becoming an endoscopy nurse, individuals must first complete an associate degree or a bachelor of science in nursing. Upon completing their educational requirements, graduates can take the national licensing examination to become a registered nurse. Individuals must meet all outlined requirements for the registered nurse licensing process. Once they obtain licensure, they can complete training through an endoscopy program.

Some individuals can work in an endoscopy setting instead of completing a training program. Training includes courses that cover topics in endoscopy, microbiology, and biology. During their training programs, students complete hands-on activities, including hospital practicums.

Prospective endoscopy nurses must pass their NCLEX-RN exam. Some institutions and states also require other specific training programs. Learners should review their state’s specific requirements before enrolling in a program and completing a licensing exam.

Endoscopy Nurse Salaries and Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses earn a mean annual wage of $75,510. Registered nurses in the occupation’s 90th percentile earn a mean annual wage of $106,530. Endoscopy nurse salary data at the national level shows a median salary of $70,100. Chicago, Illinois, offers the highest pay for gastroenterology nurses, with these professionals earning a median annual salary of $72,203.

Registered nurses find the highest employment levels and the most jobs in the general medical and surgical hospitals industry. The occupation’s top-paying industry is the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry. Endoscopy professionals can also consider careers as administrative assistants, certified nurse assistants, office managers, and medical assistants, experiencing varying amounts for average salaries.

Highest Salary Locations for Gastroenterology Nurses
National Median $70,100
Chicago, Illinois $72,203

Source: PayScale

Related Job Salaries
Registered Nurse (RN) Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Administrative Assistant Office Manager Medical Assistant
$63,393 yearly $27,891 yearly $39,162 yearly $47,349 yearly $32,840 yearly

Source: PayScale

Endoscopy Nurse Resources

  • Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates A community of technicians, nurses, medical assistants, industry representatives, and other professionals in the GI field, this group serves as a professional network for individuals interested in gastroenterology. The organization helps members stay current on industry trends and evidence-based practice, also providing discounted education opportunities.
  • American Board of Certification for Gastroenterology Nurses This organization provides professional certification opportunities for gastroenterology nurses. ABCGN’s certification validates the highest standards for patient care. ABCGN belongs to the Professional Certification coalition, demonstrating high importance for the gastroenterology certification.
  • American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Dedicated to advancing digestive health and patient care, this society promotes innovation and excellence in endoscopy. Members enjoy access to the latest endoscopic techniques and field developments. The organization also provides continuing education opportunities and a variety of other tools and resources.
  • Job Search This tool allows individuals with an endoscopy nurse degree to browse nursing jobs. Users can input their specialty area and desired location in the search engine and browse for specific job titles. Job seekers can filter the distance from a certain location to expand their results.
  • American Nurses Association The nation’s top organization for nurses, this association works to advance and promote the interests of the country’s four million registered nurses. ANA promotes high standards in nursing practice while simultaneously advocating for a safe, ethical work environment to tend to healthcare issues that affect both the public and nurses.
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