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Best Georgia ADN Degree Programs

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Everyone has to start out somewhere in whichever career field they choose and most careers will require some level of qualification for entry and advancement. An Associate Degree in Nursing is a good starting point for anyone wanting to embark on a career in nursing and healthcare provided they already have some prior skills in other fields such as English Language, History, Social Sciences and Math. An ADN can be the foundation on which a student builds their study and qualification to become a master in their field, or it can be used as an entry in to employment at a lower level position. With the average age of nurses in the state of Georgia straying dangerously close to retirement age, the training and instruction of new registered nurses is more important than ever and ensuring the highest quality of learning is paramount.

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With this in mind here are 5 of the best ADN Degree programs available throughout the state.

Top 5 ADN Programs in Georgia

Albany Technical College View School Profile Albany, GA

Albany Tech offers an associate degree program which is dedicated to preparing students for a number of positions in the nursing field by providing them with the knowledge and practical skills which can be used to become a registered nurse or continue on towards a Bachelor or Master level program. Training is to the highest level and results in the production of competent and advanced professional nurses who are prepared to practice their work in many different types of health care settings from hospitals, to clinics and even district nursing.

Campus: Albany, GA
Type: Public
Accreditation: CCSACS
Tuition: $1,582 for Georgia Residents, twice that for those outside of Georgia.
Financial Aid: yes
Scholarships: yes
Time Commitment: Two years
Online Availability: no
Requirements: GPA of 2.75%, TEAS 58.7%,
Programs: ASN
School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

Chattahoochee Technical College View School Profile Austell, GA

The associate degree offered at Chattahoochee Tech is based at the Austell Campus in Austell, Georgia and takes around four semesters to complete. The program mixes theory with clinical and laboratory activities in order to produce skilled and competent members of the field of nursing. In addition to physical qualifications required for this course, Chattahoochee also requires it’s students possess certain other qualities, such as empathy, patience and flexibility, all skills which will be required to have a successful career.

Campus: Austell, GA
Type: Public
Accreditation: None
Tuition: $89 per credit hour in State $178 out of state and $356 internationally
Financial Aid: yes, many options available
Scholarships: Yes, externally
Time Commitment: four semesters
Online Availability: yes
Requirements: At least 16 years of age, High School Diploma or GED, Adequate results in COMPASS test.
Programs: A.S.N.
School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

Darton State College View School Profile Albany, GA

Darton State College offers a fantastic evening program as one of its tracks towards an associate level degree in nursing. This is a great option for those who may be looking for a career change but can’t afford to give up work and study full time, or for anyone who has difficulty committing to regular working hours. Clinical and Laboratory experiences can also be had during these evening classes in most cases. However, there are times when the need for these during daylight hours cannot be avoided. The same rules apply to this program as any other associate, students must complete the required course work as well as practical courses and all of the core curriculum must be achieved. The only negative issue with regards to this option is that it only runs every other year starting in January.

Campus: Albany, GA
Type: Public
Accreditation: ACEN, Georgia Board of Nursing
Tuition: $88 per credit our for in state resident, higher fees for out of state and international students
Financial Aid: Providing Successful Academic Progress is achieved
Scholarships: no
Time Commitment: five semesters, 2 evenings per week
Online Availability:
Requirements: High School Transcript/GED, SAT Scores and COMPASS results
Programs: A.S.N.
School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

Georgia Perimeter College - Department of Nursing View School Profile Clarkston, GA

GPC Department of Nursing is paving the way for the future generation of nurses to become dedicated, competent and caring members of the health care field. It teaches the view that nursing is more than just a profession, it is an art, a science and something to be admired by not just those who work in the field or receive care from a nursing professional, but by humanity as a whole. A collaboration between student and teacher helps to create a better learning environment which in turn leads to a better experience had by all and improved results for the student. Once equipped with their ASN and their registered nursing license, many students choose to continue on with their education and progress on to a masters or doctoral level qualification.

Campus: Clarkston, GA
Type: Public
Accreditation: SAC & SCC, Georgia Board of Nursing, ACEN
Tuition: $86.54 per credit hour for Georgia State residents, $327 per credit hour for out of state residents
Financial Aid: yes
Scholarships: yes
Time Commitment: Four Semesters
Online Availability: yes
Requirements: 2.7 GPA in certain subjects including Biology, Passed TEAS
Program: A.S.N.
School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

North Georgia Technology College View School Profile Clarksville, GA

At North Georgia Tech the Associate in Nursing Degree program is designed to produce some of the most outstanding nurses in the field and they do this through education of the highest quality. The faculty work closely with students along with other local health care providers and organizations which help to give a real hands-on experience to all of those involved and provide some valuable skills to students. This also allows them to build up a feeling of commitment to the patients of these organizations, a skill which will prove valuable when it comes to gaining suitable employment. The College itself is accredited through several organizations which allow them to award various associate degrees, diplomas and other certifications.

Campus: Clarksville, GA
Type: Public
Accreditation: SAC & SCC
Tuition: $85 per credit hour for Georgia State Residents, $170 Per credit hour for out of state residents and $340 per credit hour for international students.
Financial Aid: yes
Scholarships: yes
Time Commitment: 5 semesters
Online Availability: Some
Requirements: Acceptance on to the Healthcare Science certificate program whilst being in the top 30 highest combined GPA and HESI scores of all applicants. Minimum over all GPA of 3.0
Programs: A.S.N.
School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

An Associate Degree in Nursing pretty much guarantees employment due to the shortage of professionals and the growing population. The salary is fair and shift patterns will depend on the area of nursing chosen and the setting in which you choose to practice.

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