Average RN Salary in Oregon: See How Much OR Nurses Make

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Updated June 16, 2023
How can you increase your RN salary in Oregon? This guide has the salary data you need to negotiate the best possible offer.
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Registered nurse (RN) salaries in Oregon are the second-highest in the nation, even accounting for the cost of living. This guide provides information on where RN salaries in Oregon are highest, how to adjust for the cost of living, and how other nursing salaries compare. Keep reading for the information you need to negotiate the best possible salary.

  • Average Oregon RN Salary: $98,630 (Ranks 3rd among all states)
  • Hourly Oregon RN Salary: $47.42
  • Projected Oregon RN Employment Growth (2018-2028): 15.2%


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Average RN Salaries in Oregon

RNs in Oregon earn an average annual salary of $98,630 ($47.42 per hour), significantly higher than the national median RN salary of $77,600, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). For regional comparison, Washington state RNs make $95,350 annually.

Half of all RN salaries in Oregon are between $81,700 and $107,270. The highest 10% of salaries reach $127,680 or more. However, the cost of living can impact the spending power of RN salaries in Oregon.

Infographic of registered nursing salary data in Oregon. The average annual RN salary is $98,630. The average hourly RN salary is $47.42. Average RN salaries range from $76,180 among the bottom 10th percentile of earners to $127,680 among the top 90th percentile of earners.
Oregon RN Salary Range
PercentileAverage Annual RN SalaryAverage Hourly RN Salary
50% (Median)$99,410$47.80


Oregon RN Salary, Adjusted for Cost of Living

The national cost-of-living index is 100, representing the national average of goods and services, especially essentials like housing, food, and transportation. Oregon’s cost-of-living index is 102.6, meaning it costs 2.6% more to live in Oregon compared to the country as a whole. However, some areas of Oregon, especially around Portland and the coast, have a much higher cost of living than inland communities.

Adjusted for cost of living, the average RN salary in Oregon becomes $96,066, the second highest among all states in the country. Oregon’s population more than doubled over the last 60 years, and Portland, in particular, saw significant population growth, driving up housing prices. However, the demand for nurses across the nation continues to rise, which should keep RN salaries in Oregon competitive.

  • Average RN Salary Adjusted for Cost of Living: $96,066 (Ranks 2nd among all states)
  • Cost of Living Index (RPP): 102.6 (2.6% higher than the U.S. average)

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Oregon

Portland, with its rapid population growth, offers the highest RN salaries in Oregon, with the average salary in the six figures. The city hosts both Oregon Health and Science University and Providence Health & Services, one of the largest health systems in the northwest. Eugene, home of the University of Oregon, offers the second-highest RN salaries in the state.

Medford boasts unusually warm weather for the Pacific Northwest. Albany offers a quieter setting, though it is not as close to the coast as many other Oregon cities. Grants Pass, the smallest city on our list, issues the fifth-highest RN salaries in Oregon.

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Oregon
CityAverage RN Salary
Portland — Vancouver — Hillsboro, OR — WA$101,710
Eugene, OR$97,330
Medford, OR$95,020
Albany, OR$94,820
Grants Pass, OR$92,000


Average Salaries for Other Nursing Roles in Oregon

If you want to earn more than the typical RN salary in Oregon, graduate school makes an excellent investment. On average, nurse midwife and nurse practitioner salaries reach $20,000 more than the average RN salary in Oregon. Nurse anesthetist salaries double the average RN salary. Becoming a nurse midwife or nurse practitioner requires a master of science in nursing degree, and becoming a nurse anesthetist requires a doctor of nursing practice degree.

  • Nursing Assistants: $38,830
  • LPN/LVNs: $60,090
  • Nurse Midwives: $122,880
  • Nurse Practitioners: $128,190
  • Nurse Anesthetists: $225,560


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