14 Best Nursing Scholarships For Men

It is very important that if you want to go to college or university, you look into whether there are scholarships out there for you. Additionally, you need to learn how to make sure that you have more chances of being successful in your application for scholarship as well. The reality is that scholarships are vital to ensuring students become successful in what they do because college and university education programs are incredibly expensive. Indeed, tuition is continuously on the rise, by an average of 5% a year above inflation. This is true for both public and private educational institutions.

Additionally, it is unlikely that your parents will have been able to save up for your college education. Once upon a time, this was something parents did, but the economy has been so bad for so long that “college saving funds” are a thing of the past. Whatever money is left in that fund is generally not enough to cover any of the major costs.

Furthermore, the cost of living is increasing as well. Most college and university students need to move out, which means they have to pay for room and board as well. Unfortunately, this is yet another expense that most of us are unable to afford. To make things worse, there is less and less state support available for students, which means that public services have been cut tremendously. Finally, when we consider that 25% of the people in America have $700 billion in debt on their student loans, it becomes clear why applying for a scholarship is so important.

Reading all these statistics, it may seem as if it is not worth getting an education. However, this is not true. The majority of people are now able to get work again in their field of study and they earn back any student debt that they have accumulated. This is particularly true in the field of nursing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of nursing is projected to grow by around 20% by 2020 and the salary expectations will grow alongside with that. The more education someone has, the higher their salary expectations can be.

There are many scholarships available for people who want to enter the nursing profession. Many scholarships focus on minority and underrepresented parts of society. Within nursing, this often includes men. Nursing is still a female-dominated profession and there is a strong drive towards making the profession more interesting for men. As such, there are also a number of scholarships available specifically for men. Let’s take a look at some of these.

American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN)

The majority of male-only scholarships are provided by the American Assembly for Men in Nursing. They access a range of funding sources every year, including some made available by Johnson & Johnson, and offer scholarships designed exclusively for men. Although there are only a few options out there, it is definitely worth trying for each of these.

1. Jadeh Marselis-Moore Student Nurse Essay Contest

This is a $500 scholarship designed for undergraduate students. In order to be able to apply, students have to be AAMN members and the program they want to study towards must lead to an NCLEX-RN examination. In order to apply, students must already have completed and financed an academic term in the field of nursing. They also need to write a 500-word essay on the topic of “Why I choose nursing as a career.” Each year, the topic changes, however, and students must remain aware of what the new topic is.

2. MurseWorld Student Nurse Essay Contest

The MurseWorld scholarship also provides $500 and is also for undergraduate students. Again, applicants must be AAMN members and must be studying in an accredited program, and must have completed one academic term. The essay subject is generally the same as the Jadeh Marselis-Moore one and changes every year as well.

3. $500 AAMN Foundation Student Nurse Essay Contest

This is another $500 undergraduate scholarship, but only six are handed out each year. The same terms apply as with the previous two scholarships and the essay topic is the same again. As always, the topic changes yearly.

4. $1000 AAMN Foundation Student Nurse Essay Contest

This is a $1,000 scholarship and only two are awareded each year. Applicants must be AAMN members and must already hold a BSN. The topic is the same as with the previous three and changes yearly as well.

Good Scholarships Not Necessarily for Men

There are also a number of excellent scholarship programs that can be awarded to all students, men and women alike. Although this means that as a prospective male nurse, you will have to compete with far more applicants as women will apply too, they can still be very interesting. Let’s take a look at the three best ones.

5. Emergency Nurses Association’s Assistance

Through the Emergency Nurses Association, students can receive assistance during their educational program, either when they are already studying or if they are just starting. They have, to-date, handed out around $1.5 million and much of this has gone to male students. The group focuses on continuous education and they have offered short-term help to those who wish to gain extra certification. Additionally, the ENA has an annual leadership conference, and a select number of students are sponsored to attend this.

6. Braintrack Scholarships

Through BrainTrack, students can receive financial assistance towards their educational expenses, but only for those on LPN or RN tracks. However, more and more money is being made available for those who want to study further and achieve their master’s or even doctorate degree. The group advocates for Hispanic students in particular and hands out two scholarships to the first and second place winners, of $1,000 and $500, respectively. They have a number of eligibility requirements and applicants must submit an essay on a set topic.

7. Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

Through the help of Tylenol, students have been awarded more than $8 million in scholarships. These are handed out to those who show a true dedication to the field of health care. Every year, aid is given to 40 students and the amount they get depends on their academic performance, the leadership activities they are involved in and how much they have done for their community. There is a particular encouragement towards male health care students.

Minority Male Scholarships

Finally, there are a number of scholarships that are awarded particularly to minorities. These are often minorities in terms of ethnic background, but if you happen to be of that ethnic background as well as being a male, you will have far more chances of being awarded the scholarship. Some of the better ones include:

8. National Association of Hispanic Nurses has a number of local charters where members can be awarded as much as $8,000 per scholarship. Every year, around $40,000 is awarded through their Health Foundation. Additionally, they have partnered with companies such as Lilly, through which they are able to hand out even more money.

9. San Diego Black Nursing Association. Obviously, this association offers assistance to African-American students. They must have a good standing within that organization and have to have been in school for at least six months.

10. Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which offers scholarships for Latino students. The HSF is the largest organization of its kind in the country. They offer not just financial awards but also have a range of assistance programs for direct education.

11. Gates Millennium Scholars Program, which is designed for minority students who have proven to be high achievers. The awards are incredibly generous, but have very stringent requirements. Students are only eligible if they are of an ethnic minority, a U.S. citizen, have a GPA of at least 3.3, are studying towards their first degree, have leadership qualities, can apply for Pell Grants and have completed a full application.

12. National Black Nurses Association offers up to $2,000. This is awarded to those who have received reference letters from their teachers, have demonstrated to have a true aptitude for nursing and are taking part in relevant extracurricular activities.

13. National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations provides scholarships together with AETNA.

14. Philippine Nurses Association of America provides scholarships for students who have demonstrated outstanding performance. Scholarships are available both for those in graduate and post graduate nursing degree programs. Awards are up to $1,000.

It is very important to understand that the majority of scholarships that are out there are not exclusively for men. However, they aren’t designed solely for women either. Any applicant has an equal chance of getting the award, regardless of their gender. However, the reality is still that the profession of nursing is very female-dominated and this puts male applicants for minority scholarships in particular ahead in terms of being awarded the grant.