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Now is an excellent time to consider moving your nursing career to the next level with a bachelor’s degree! Statistics show that nursing is one of the quickest-growing fields in the US, with 19% more nursing jobs available by the end of this decade. Also, a shortage in doctors is creating more nursing demand; one in three doctors will retire in the next 15 years. Nurses often are in demand to pick up the slack. This is especially the case for nurses who have their BSN or higher.

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A nursing career is one of ample rewards and plenty of work, in most parts of the country. It is impossible to outsource medical care, so you will know that you will always have a good paying job in the nursing field with a BSN.

If you already are a nurse with your RN designation, earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the ideal way to jumpstart your career. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, earning a BSN is now the minimum educational requirement in nursing and more employers are demanding it. People who only have their RN diploma or an associate’s degree may find themselves shut out of many desirable nursing positions.

Many programs now allow you to earn your BSN in as little as one year, if you already have your RN designation.

Educational Options and Requirements

The typical RN to BSN program is designed for busy nursing professionals who want to earn their BSN to earn a higher income and to obtain better nursing positions. You will be eligible for positions such as staff RN, clinical nurse manager, case management director, charge nurse, and director of education.

You can choose a mostly online RN to BSN program, or a campus-based program. You still will need to complete your clinical hour requirements in your area if you are getting an online degree.

BSN Curriculum

Some of the most common subject areas that you will cover in your BSN curriculum are:

  • How to care for older adults

  • How to do proper health assessments

  • Nutrition for modern society

  • Professional nursing roles and values

  • Community health

  • Cultural diversity in medical practice

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Leadership and organizations systems

  • Information management in the medical field

Also, students are usually required to complete 40-80 hours of clinical placements to graduate from a BSN program.

Admission Requirements

Typical requirements for admission into most RN to BSN programs include the following:

  • Current RN licensure

  • Nursing diploma or associate’s degree in nursing

  • Minimum GPA of ~2.5 from previous studies.

  • High school transcripts.

  • Two or three professional or academic recommendations.

  • Official college transcripts from all universities you attended.

Common Prerequisites

To be admitted into most RN to BSN programs, you will need to have classes in most of the following subjects:

  • College math

  • English composition

  • Physiology and anatomy

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • American government

  • Statistics

  • Microbiology

  • Biochemistry

After you earn your BSN, you then can sit for the NCLEX-RN examination, which is required for you to work as a registered nurse with a BSN in all US states.

Online RN to BSN Options

Studying towards a BSN online is a great way to ensure students can continue to meet their other commitments (school, work, family and so on) as well. Universities understand this and are hence offering increasingly flexible options. Indeed, it is now possible to do an online RN to BSN program from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a good internet connection.

Let’s take a look at the 7+ best online RN to BSN programs based on our suggestions.


#2  Grand Canyon University

grand-canyon-university-onlineHighly Recommended & 100% Fully Online! Grand Canyon University first opened its doors in 1949 and it has since been one of the most respected Christian universities in the country. Their focus is on delivering professionals who are educated and who have a purpose to serve Christ. Their online RN to BSN program has ranked as one of the best in the country. The online curriculum is delivered by nursing experts.

  • Campus: Phoenix, Arizona, Online
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Varies, military students receive a discount
  • Minimum time commitment: 120 credits (36 majors and 84 open electives)
  • Degree requirements: RN
  • Programs: B.S. in Nursing (Registered Nurse – R.N. to B.S.N)


#3 Bellevue University

200x100_bellevue-universityHighly Recommended & 100% Fully Online! Bellevue University’s RN to BSN degree completion program will help you apply new skills to your day-to-day interactions with patients and co-workers, giving you a broader perspective and the ability to make an even greater impact. Designed for busy RNs juggling family and career obligations, this curriculum is delivered online. In addition, you will have the opportunity to complete portions of the nationally recognized Nurse Manager Certification from Sigma Theta Tau, the international honor society for nurses. Upon graduation, you can choose to complete the final hours toward certification on your own. This certificate will greatly increase your marketability as a Registered Nurse.

  • Campus: Online
  • Type: Private, Non-Profit
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Per Credit Hour: Inquire
  • GRE Required: No
  • Minimum Time Commitment: 24 months
  • On Campus Requirements: No
  • Degree Requirements: You must have an RN degree to apply to the RN to BSN program
  • Rankings: Ranked 18th in best online bachelor’s degrees by the U.S. News 2014 Top Online Education Program Rankings.
  • Programs: RN to BSN

#4 Liberty University Online

200x100_liberty-university-onlineHighly Recommended & 100% Fully Online! Pioneering distance education since 1985, Liberty University is now the nation’s seventh largest university. With more than 300 online and residential areas of study, Liberty offers programs from the certificate to doctoral level. Because Liberty’s online format provides the same quality course offerings as our residential campus in Lynchburg, Va., you can be confident that you will receive an academically sound education.

  • Campus: Virginia, Online
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Varies, military students receive a discount
  • Minimum time commitment: 120 credits (36 majors and 84 open electives)
  • Degree requirements: RN
  • Programs: BS in Nursing (RN to BSN)


#5 California University of Pennsylvania

200x100_californiauniversitypennsylvaniaHighly Recommended & 100% Fully Online! The RN-BSN program in Nursing is designed for Registered Nurses who have their associate’s degree or diploma in Nursing and is structured to assist nurses in building on the knowledge and competencies gained in an entry-level nursing program. The Institute of Medicine has recommended that at least 80% of all RNs in the United States should have a bachelor’s degree in nursing by 2020. The Institute also suggested that nurses holding an associate or diploma in nursing should complete the BSN within five years of graduation. Cal U’s RN-BSN program has enjoyed exceptional faculty-student relations over its 25 year history. The online option was introduced to help working nurses to balance a career and pursue continued education in an online, asynchronous environment.
  • Campus: Pennsylvania, Online
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Inquire
  • Minimum time commitment: 120 credits (36 majors and 84 open electives)
  • Degree requirements: RN
  • Programs: RN to BSN


#6 Adventist University of Health Sciences

200x100_adventistuniversityofhealthsciencesThe online RN-to-BSN degree at ADUHS (formerly FHCHS) prepares registered nurses for administrative positions through our rigorous, faith-based curriculum and personal instruction from nationally recognized nursing professionals. Classes in pathophysiology, pharmacology, world religions, leadership, and healing words empower graduates with the holistic healing knowledge to provide exceptional patient care.

  • Campus: Florida, Online
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Inquire
  • Minimum time commitment: 120 credits (36 majors and 84 open electives)
  • Degree requirements: Must be currently registered with AART or NMTCB to qualify!
  • Programs: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

#7 University of Massachusetts – Amherst

This university is one of the most respected in the country. It has consistently ranked as one of the best public schools. All course work is offered online but there is a requirement for clinical practice. This can be arranged in the geographical location of the student. The degree is customizable and the student to faculty ratio is fantastic. It is no wonder that this school has such an amazing reputation.

  • Campus: Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: NLNAC
  • Tuition: $110 per credit
  • Minimum time commitment: One or two year programs
  • Degree requirements: 2.5 GPA minimum, RN license, letters of recommendation
  • Programs: RN to BSN
  • School website: Tuition and Financial Aid

#8 Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University was founded in 1934. It is one of the best colleges in the nation as it is committed to excellence and has some of the best faculty members on staff. Their University Alliance is their online community, which allows students to work together to achieve their learning goals. The average class size is just 12, which ensures that students are able to get all the attention they need.

  • Campus: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $460 per credit hour
  • Minimum time commitment: 54 credits
  • Degree requirements: ADN or above, 2.5 GPA minimum.
  • Programs: RN to BSN
  • School website: Tuition and Financial Aid

#9 Western Governors University

This school has been recognized for its excellent online programs. Students must also take part in clinical practice, which is guided by mentors. The setting in which this takes place has to be a qualified health service. Students must work together with the faculty in order to find a suitable location for this clinical practice.

  • Campus: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Type: Private, non-profit
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $3,250 per 6 month term
  • Minimum time commitment: 120 credits, but 50 hours can be waved through transferable credits. Hence, the program can be completed in 18 months.
  • Degree requirements: Transcripts, interview
  • Programs: RN to BSN
  • School website: Tuition and Financial Aid

#10 University of Wyoming

This university has also received numerous awards for excellence. It is a small school, which means students receive more personal attention. Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable RN to BSN programs in the country. The program is incredibly flexible in order to suit the needs of the students.

  • Campus: Laramie, Wyoming
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $106 per credit hour
  • Minimum time commitment: Varies depending on transferable credits
  • Degree requirements: Valid RN license or equivalent, nursing GPA of at least 2.5
  • Programs: RN to BSN
  • School website: Tuition and Financial Aid

#11 Drexel University

This is a relatively new university that is grabbing a lot of attention. This is due to their strong service learning initiative and cooperative education efforts. The school also offers some of the most comprehensive scholarship and financial aid programs in the country.

  • Campus: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $612 per credit
  • Minimum time commitment: 180 credits, which can be accelerated by those who have a full RN license
  • Degree requirements: High school diploma, ADN, 2.0 minimum GPA, RN license, transcripts
  • Programs: RN to BSN
  • School website: Tuition and Financial Aid

#12 Kent State University

Kent State is a university of world class caliber. It is also the second largest in the state of Ohio. Their nursing programs have been recognized as being some of the best of the best. Kent State has consistently delivered some of the most sought after graduates in the industry. Those who complete their degree here are almost guaranteed to find employment afterwards.

  • Campus: Kent, Ohio
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: Varies
  • Minimum time commitment: 122 credit hours
  • Degree requirements: RN
  • Programs: Accelerated RN to BSN
  • School website: Tuition and Financial Aid

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