Online MSN Midwifery Practitioner Programs


Some nursing students enter undergraduate nursing school with the goal of becoming an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN), while others develop the desire to attend graduate school after years of Registered Nursing. Labor and Delivery Nursing (L&D) is a popular specialty among nurses, with some of these nurses seeking graduate education for Nurse Midwifery. L&D Nurses may struggle to find the right online Nurse Midwifery program, due to their desire to work while advancing their education.  While it may become difficult to work full time as you progress through a program, usually an online format with locally arranged clinicals is the most flexible option.

Here are 5 universities with Nurse Midwifery programs that offer an online distance format:

#1 Frontier Nursing University

Featured Partner and Highly Recommended! Frontier University has a rich Nurse Midwifery history dating back to 1925. With the oldest Nurse Midwifery program in the United States, it also founded the first distance community education Nurse Midwifery program. Currently, their distance education option for Nurse Midwifery includes an online format with clinicals in your home community, and a 2 residency session requirements. They offer a Master’s of Nursing Science program with the option of completing additional hours for a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.

#2 Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University’s Nurse Midwifery program offers a distance learning format in the both full-time and part-time options for nurses. They even offer a Post-Master’s Certificate for people that already have a master’s degree in a health related discipline. This curriculum has four classes less than the M.S. in Nurse Midwifery. Furthermore, they have an advanced placement option for some foreign educated midwives that seek to obtain a M.S. in Nurse Midwifery.

#3 Bethel University

Bethel University offers a full time online 2 year program in Nurse Midwifery with summers off. Three on campus 3 day residency sessions are required throughout this program. This is a new program slated to start the Fall of 2014, pending pre-accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME).

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#4 Stony Brook University

Stony Brook’s Nurse Midwifery program offers distance education with on-site requirements. They also have a Clinical Practice Portfolio option for applicants with non-nursing bachelor degrees. This program is designed for students that are somewhat local. In addition to residency requirements, a personal interview is required of qualified applicants.

#5 The George Washington University

The MSN in Nurse Midwifery program is a collaboration between  the GWU and Shenandoah University. Offering online distance education and clinicals, this program has residency requirements. Additionally, learners have the option to attend on a part time or full time basis.

Choose Wisely

Be sure and research your options carefully. A few of the comparisons you should make between programs are:

  • Tuition Costs. The cost of attendance can vary greatly between programs. The difference in tuition rates will easily be apparent when comparing private and public university tuition rates.
  • Financial Aid Availability. Will you pay out of pocket, or will you need to take out student loans? Also, does the program have any opportunities for scholarships? Will your workplace reimburse you for tuition? If you do have access to a workplace benefits program, be sure know the requirements associated with it.
  • Is it Accredited? Accreditation at the local and national level is required for any nursing degree in order to sit for exams. Does the program have nursing accreditation such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)? Furthermore, does the program have specialty certification such as the ACME?
  • Admission Requirements. Admission requirements also vary between programs. Consider applying to more than one program as the application process can be competitive. Start dates vary between programs with some dates being limited to Fall admission.
  • Residency Requirements. Many online programs have residency requirements that vary in frequency. Are you geographically located close enough to the college to meet their residency requirements? For example, some colleges require you to be in residence once a semester while others only require you to come to campus once or twice during your whole program.

The availability of online nursing programs gives nurses the opportunity to advance their nursing education and career in order to practice to the fullest extent of their training and education. Through the process of careful research and comparison, nurses have the opportunity to choose the right online Nurse Midwife program for their lifestyle.

Are you currently enrolled in a Nurse Midwifery program? Or, are you in the process of researching programs? Leave your comments below.