35 Instagram and Twitter Accounts for Nurses to Follow

Gayle Morris, MSN
Updated October 20, 2022
    You can use nursing social media to increase your knowledge and find ways to relax and get support. These 35 accounts are aimed at the unique needs of nurses.
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    You can use social media for more than just keeping up with who’s having a baby or doomscrolling after a long shift. There are significant work-related and personal benefits for nurses on social media platforms. You have nearly instant access to content, news, and networking with colleagues around the world.

    Social media makes communication faster and easier. Twitter and Instagram (IG) accounts aimed at nurses can help increase your knowledge. They provide continuing education and promote some of the best ways for nurses to unwind and find support.

    Discover 35 of the best Instagram and Twitter accounts for nurses that address your work and personal needs on this page.

    Instagram Accounts Nurses Must Follow


    Meisha Amia, MSN, RN | @realmeishaamia

    Amia focuses on travel nursing and how to use travel nursing to create wealth in your life. She provides a travel nurse course to prepare you to travel and make a seven-figure exit plan. She has also written a book called “The Bedside Boss.”

    Kelsey Rowell, RN | @wholelifenurse

    Rowell teaches nurses how to manage stress as a nurse, have more money, and maintain better health and work/life boundaries. She coaches nurses toward landing their dream job and instructs them on how to negotiate their nurse salary like a boss.

    Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN, CCM | @nicolethomasinc

    Thomas holds a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) and is a community health nurse, author, and speaker. She coaches nurses on how to build and sustain a meaningful career while raising their asset value. She teaches through public speaking and digital courses, and she has a private mentorship community.

    Laura Gluck, RN, BSN | @laurakgluck

    Gluck is a registered nurse (RN) who offers you a sneak peek into a nurse’s daily life and shows you how she does it. Through her exercise routines, recipes, and motivational posts, Gluck engages with her audience and encourages them to create more out of life.

    Tori Meskin, BSN, RNC-NIC | @nurse.tori

    Meskin is a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse, blogger, and podcaster. She was also an ambassador for Brave Beginnings, a nonprofit that ensures ventilators are available for newborns in critical need.

    She is a keynote speaker and posts about healthcare’s fun and relatable side with an inspirational focus.

    Leah Helmbrecht, RN, BSN | @offtheclocknurse

    Helmbrecht is a forensic nurse examiner and former operating room travel nurse. She blogs about her adventures as a travel nurse, offers advice to those who want to travel, and posts uplifting content on her IG account.

    Amber Lee, BSN, RN | @sparklyscrubs

    Lee is a NICU nurse and new graduate. She shares what it’s been like as a new nurse with positivity and promotes inclusivity. She once worked in TV marketing on shows like “Shark Week” and “Puppy Bowl.”

    Carla Jones, RN | @nurseclara

    Jones is a labor and delivery room nurse and family nurse practitioner student. She juggles school, work, and marriage. She shares her struggles with altered body image, disordered eating, and amenorrhea in her Twitter feed.

    She’s also the founder of @theasiancareunit community on IG. In sharing her story, she hopes to touch the lives of others who struggle with some of the same issues.

    Lifestyle and Community

    Nurses of Integrity | @nursesofintegrity

    Using Instagram, this group of nurses seeks to celebrate, support, and uplift nurses. Shantay Carter and Jessica Sinclair created this group to strengthen the bond among nurses and encourage a more supportive environment.

    Nurses of Instagram | @nursesofinstagram

    Follow the lives of nurses across the world as they post images, videos, and TikTok videos that are amusing, inspirational, and informative.

    Clove | @goclove

    Nurses need shoes designed specifically for healthcare, and Clove provides just that. Nurses are on their feet for hours each day, often clocking over five miles during a 12-hour shift. Clove shoes come in many colors and styles to match your personality and your scrubs.

    Bridge Cordray, PA-C | @busybeingbridget

    Cordray is a physician assistant in plastic surgery. She shares her life adventures, beauty tips, and her favorite gift-giving guide. Her life motto: Move your body, work hard, catch happy hour!

    Nurse Memes Only | @nursememesonly

    This relatable and funny meme account is an easy way to relax and unwind after a long day at work. They share advice, encouragement, and nursing humor.

    Education and News

    The ReNegade Résumé, LLC | @therenegaderesume

    The goal of The ReNegade Résumé is to help nurses show off their skills and experience to catch the attention of a recruiter or nursing manager. The team offers resume templates and services for writing resumes, cover letters, and personal statements.

    You can also book them for a webinar at your nursing school, where they can help students with essential career preparation like acing their nurse job interview and offering tips for nurses in their first year as a new graduate.

    Simple Nursing | @simplenursing.com

    This educational site shares simple videos, infographics, and quizzes to help simplify nursing concepts for students. They also have a study course to help students pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), boasting a 96% pass rate.

    Healthcare Huddle | @healthcarehuddle

    This media and news company keeps nurses up to date on what’s happening in healthcare that week. They inform, connect, and strengthen the community through information and engagement.

    Twitter Accounts for Nurses

    The following Twitter accounts address nursing issues and offer strategies and education that make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals. You can also check out more Twitter accounts for nursing students.


    Donna Cardillo, RN, CSP, FAAN | @DonnaCardilloRN

    Cardillo is a keynote speaker, author, and humorist whose life’s work is helping people learn how to be happy in their careers and reach their full potential. She has over 25 years of clinical and managerial experience and was once a professional singer.

    Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN | @TheNerdyNurse

    Wilson started The NerdyNurse in 2010 to share information pertinent to nurses, including products, services, technology, social media, and lifestyle topics. She is an international keynote speaker, community strategist, author, and blogger. Her goal is to help nurses gain confidence using a unique vision of technology empowerment.

    Kim Choma, DNP, WHNP-BC | @kchoma

    Choma is a women’s health nurse practitioner devoted to promoting good health for all women. On her account, she shares topical information on women’s health and speaks to her experience as a nurse practitioner.

    Monica McLemore, Ph.D., MPH, RN, FAAN | @mclemoremr

    McLemore is a tenured associate professor in family healthcare nursing at the University of California, San Francisco. She retired from clinical practice after 28 years and now focuses on reproductive justice and health rights. She describes herself as a “badass thinker, RN, scientist, and geek.”

    Barb Dehn,RN, MS, NP | @NurseBarbDehn

    Dehn is an author and TV health expert who is currently practicing as a women’s health nurse practitioner. She writes a series of health guides published through Blue Orchid Press and blogs about women’s health issues. On her website, she shares short informational videos about pregnancy, menopause, and nutritional guidelines.

    Terri Schmitt | @onlinenursing

    Schmitt is a nurse from Boynton Beach who shares her views and advocates for women and girls globally. She promotes universal access to healthcare and comments on news stories relevant to nurses.


    Rhea Boyd MD, MPH | @RheaBoydMD

    Rhea Boyd is a pediatrician, public health advocate, and scholar who writes and teaches about racism and health. Her feed offers links to articles, webinars, and discussions happening in the healthcare sphere, including information about vaccines, health equity, mental health and more.

    Camara Jones | @CamaraJones

    Camara Jones is a family physician, epidemiologist, and a former president of the American Public Health Association. As an anti-racism thought leader and activist, her feed offers information on ways to stay engaged and involved in health equity and anti-racism in healthcare.

    Education and News

    Rob Fraser, MN, RN | @nursingideas

    Fraser has a passion for healthcare and all things digital. He shares his ideas and passion for improving nursing and is generous about sharing the ideas of others with his followers.

    Scrubs Magazine | @ScrubsMagazine

    The Scrubs Magazine account offers advice, news, humor, and study tips. They mix in healthcare-industry articles and focus on helping nurses become the best providers they can be.

    Mona Shattell, Ph.D., RN, FAAN | @MonaShattell

    Shattell is a professor of nursing with a focus on the mental health of vulnerable populations. She promotes the voice of nursing and is a pioneer in the use of psychosensory therapy in nursing. She shares news and information that helps nurses achieve their best.

    ScrubsandPearls | @ScrubsandPearls

    The account speaks to students and new nursing graduates to help build confidence and self-assurance. The posts hope to help combat the mentality that seasoned nurses are not supportive of new graduates, or as the account describes, “break the ‘nurses eat their own’ mentality.”

    NurseGroups | @NurseGroups

    This Twitter account daily shares news related to nursing and healthcare. The group focuses on helping nurses take the next steps in their careers through education and posting news that could improve nurses’ lives.

    Review Nursing | @ReviewNursing

    If you’re studying for the NCLEX or seeking answers to questions in school, Review Nursing is the Twitter feed you’ll want to read. The information is timeless and relevant to your studies and certification exams.

    Lifestyle and Community

    Scrubs&FrictionRubs | @lubdubscrubs

    This account is run by a critical care nurse who loves nursing but recognizes the need to vent occasionally. They post about nursing care, nursing issues, and the challenges that you may face each day.

    NursingStress | @Nursingstress

    This medical-surgical nurse is working on a COVID floor for the foreseeable future and enjoys tweeting what many nurses are already thinking. She talks about sleep schedules for night shift nurses, working overtime, and tips for avoiding nurse burnout.

    Nurse Problems | @Nurse_Problems

    If you are looking for a bit of humor at the end of a long workday, then you’ll want to check out Nurse Problems’ Twitter feed. They describe the focus of the account as “saving lives one sarcastic remark at a time.”

    Amie Varley, RN, BN,MScN-CPWomen’s Health and Sara Fung, RN, BN, MN, IBCLC, CAPM | @GrittyNurse

    Working out of Ontario, Canada, nurses Amie Varley and Sara Fung tweet about their podcasts, antiracism, political advocacy, social justice, and women’s health. The thread is gritty and advances topics in women’s rights using storytelling and education.

    WeNurses | @WeNurses

    The WeNurses Twitter feed is just one of the We chats administered by WeCommunities. The feed aims to connect nurses and share knowledge, ideas, and support to improve patient care.