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Best Social Media Usage For Nursing Students

NurseJournal Staff
Updated October 3, 2023
    If you are studying for a bachelor’s or master's degree in nursing, there are many ways that you can use social media to improve your college experience: #1 Using Facebook to Collaborate With Classmates and Instructors Facebook is, of course, ... Read More
    If you are studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing, there are many ways that you can use social media to improve your college experience:

    #1 Using Facebook to Collaborate With Classmates and Instructors

    Facebook is, of course, the most dominant social media tool in the world, and it is very important for all sorts of college students to use. Facebook can with your fellow nursing students to share information pertaining to your classes. You also might use Facebook to plan meetings to study together. Facebook is nice to use in this way because you can quickly and easily inform your entire network of nursing students about plans that are coming up. It is a very efficient way to stay connected.Instructors also can use Facebook to stay in touch with their students. Many teachers find that Facebook is effective for creating public discussions outside of the classroom. Teachers also like to use it because students will often ask questions on Facebook about class assignments or an upcoming exam, and often other students will answer the question before the teacher even sees it.

    #2 Use LinkedIn to Start Your Job Search Early

    Social media is being used more than ever before to help people find jobs. You definitely can use it to find yourself an excellent nursing position, and there is no reason you cannot get a head start when you are still earning your nursing degree.What many professionals and college students don’t realize is just how much job recruiters are using LinkedIn these days to find good employees. So, even when you are still in school, you should make sure that your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date. Many people believe it is now almost unprofessional to not have your profile on LinkedIn.Of course, you can use LinkedIn to search for a job, or to have one find you, through having a completely detailed and up to date profile. You also should spend time on there building your network. Start off by connecting with people you are in school with, as well as your instructors.

    #3 Use Skype To Connect With Your Peers

    Using Skype is a fantastic way for nursing students to connect to each other. You can use it to have free face to face meetings so that you can study, share notes and even take tests. You also can use Skype for interviews when you are looking for your first nursing job. Some instructors also use Skype to connect their classrooms together so they can learn from each other.

    #4 Use Twitter To Build Your Own Personal Brand

    Most people are going to school in nursing to be prepared for a good nursing career. But you can help to make yourself a more desirable candidate by having more than good grades and a good resume. You can use Twitter to help to build a personal brand built around your passion for nursing. You can provide all sorts of content to people who are in nursing or are in college studying nursing. If you provide enough interesting content, you will probably be able to have a few hundred followers in a matter of months. This Twitter network is something that could come in handy when you start to look for employment.

    #5 Use YouTube to Learn Nursing Material

    YouTube can be used in your nursing studies to help you to learn your material better. Also, you can watch videos from current nurses in the field to learn how you will need to perform essential skills in the real world. Also, you can use YouTube to check out nursing programs when you are applying for nursing school.By using social media, you will be able to become a better student of nursing, and eventually, a better nurse, as well.Related:

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