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35 Twitter Accounts Every Nursing Student Should Follow

Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC
Updated March 17, 2023
    Becoming a nurse is an ongoing educational process that only begins after you earn your nursing degree. A good nurse will continue to absorb nursing knowledge all of her life. The exciting part of the web is certainly Social media. You can ... Read More
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    Twitter is frequently in the news, and for good reason. A virtual town square, millions of conversations happen every day on Twitter, including those with a focus on nursing, medicine, health, and healthcare. While it may be confusing to sort out the good influencers from the bad, there are plenty of individuals, organizations, job boards, academic institutions, media outlets, and publications worth following that regularly post helpful information.

    Tweets can spark conversations in the comments as well. Within that commentary, you can often identify other Twitter accounts to explore and follow. Conversations can be lively, and some happen at a fast pace, as users comment back and forth in real time.

    If it seems impossible to filter out the noise when you log in, think about it this way: Twitter is like an enormous cocktail party going on 24 hours a day all around the world. Just like at a real cocktail party, you won’t be interested in every conversation. The best thing to do at first is to follow high-quality accounts from professionals in nursing, medicine, and healthcare. By doing this, you can find more relevant conversations and crucial discussions that a nursing student might want to check out more closely — or even participate in.

    35 Twitter Accounts Every Nursing Student Should Follow

    Nursing, Medical, and Governmental Organizations

    American Nurses Association | @ANANursingWorld

    As the flagship professional organization for nurses in the U.S., there’s plenty of good content posted on the ANA Twitter account regularly. From policy to practice, the ANA delivers valuable information and ongoing discussion. (135k+ followers)

    Johnson & Johnson Nursing | @JNJNursing

    J&J’s nursing initiatives offer resources on nurse wellness, scholarships, innovation fellowships, and episodes of their See You Now podcast. (17k+ followers)

    Centers for Disease Control | @CDCgov

    The CDC is one of our most reliable go-to sources for information on disease control and prevention. The CDC’s pandemic surveillance has been a mainstay of the COVID-19 response, and the value of their ongoing health and safety updates should not be overlooked. (5M+ followers)

    World Health Organization | @WHO

    The WHO’s global reach is massive, and while we may be mostly focused on issues impacting us closer to home, staying up-to-date on the WHO is recommended. From disaster response to disease surveillance, the WHO adds great value to a nurse’s information arsenal. (12M+ followers)

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing @AACNPolicy

    As their Twitter bio states, the ANCC “is a nonpartisan organization that serves to educate and advocate for nursing education, research, and practice.” This should be enough to keep us checking their Twitter feed. (5k+ followers)

    National League for Nursing | @NLN

    The NLN advocates excellence in nursing education and a diverse nursing workforce. Their webinars and educational presentations are a highly valuable nursing resource. (5k+ followers)

    American Nurse Credentialing Center | @anccofficial

    The ANCC is a subsidiary of the ANA that accredits healthcare organizations and oversees credentialing for many nursing specialties. The ANCC can help nurses understand the credentialing process. (4k+ followers)

    American Association of Nurse Practitioners | @AANP_NEWS

    As nurse practitioners and APRNs gain more autonomy and power, they should explore professional organizations, such as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. (28k+ followers)

    Food and Drug Administration | @US_FDA

    The FDA oversees drug and device safety and approval. Their webinars are useful, and their Twitter sub accounts — @FDArecalls, @FDACBER, @FDA_Drug_Info, and @FDADeviceInfo — are worth following, as well. (500k+ followers)

    WebMD | @WebMD

    WebMD ranks highly in Google searches and provides reliable medical information on more topics than you can imagine. (3.1M followers)

    Mayo Clinic | @MayoClinic

    The Mayo Clinic is another organization whose information is highly regarded and trustworthy. If you want reliable up-to-date information on a disease process, the Mayo Clinic makes a great resource. (2M+ followers)

    International Council of Nurses | @ICNurses

    Keeping your finger on the pulse of the international nursing community can be fascinating and eye-opening, making the ICN worthy of your attention. (31k+ followers)

    Kaplan Nursing | @KaplanNCLEX

    Kaplan is a widely recognized NCLEX preparation organization that posts NCLEX practice questions, motivational messages, and other tweets related to being ready for the big exam. (12.6k+ followers)

    My American Nurse | @MyAmericanNurse

    My American Nurse is the official journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA). The journal offers articles, webinars, education, and inspiration for registered nurses. (47k+ followers)

    Nursing Center | @NursingCenter

    Nursing Center is the official Twitter feed of Lippincott Nursing, publisher of books, continuing education, articles, practice guidelines, and other media for RNs. (47k+ followers)

    National Nurses United | @NationalNurses

    National Nurses United is the largest RN union in history, with over 200,000 members, offering news related to labor relations and related issues impacting nurses. (60k+ followers)

    Nursing Times | @NursingTimes

    Nursing Times posts news, insights, motivation, and other information of interest to registered nurses. (150K+ followers)


    Indeed | @Indeed

    Indeed is a job board that both employers and job-seekers use, although not exclusively for healthcare careers. Indeed often shares job market news, articles, and career advice many nurses may find helpful. (310k+ followers)

    Incredible Health | @JoinIncredible

    Incredible Health and their CEO @imanabuzeid — who herself has 4k+ followers — offers a niche website where employers apply to prospective nurses, rather than the other way around. (1k+ followers)

    Trusted Health | @trustedhealth

    Trusted Health is another niche nursing job board with a strict focus on nursing travel positions, a lucrative career move that gained many fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. (6k+ followers)

    LinkedIn | @LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the #1 site for online professional networking that includes articles, groups, jobs, and people you can connect with, including recruiters. Your LinkedIn profile can also serve as an application for certain positions advertised on the platform. Use their Twitter feed to tune into what’s happening over on LinkedIn. (1.7M+ followers)

    ZipRecruiter | @ZipRecruiter

    Like their competitor Indeed, ZipRecruiter is not a healthcare-focused job board, but their Twitter feed offers insights, news, and motivation worth exploring. (21k+ followers)

    Nursing Jobs | @NursingJobsCom

    Nursing jobs is a job board offering travel, per diem, and permanent nursing positions throughout the United States. Most of their tweets involve specific open positions. (2k+ followers)

    RNJobSite.com | @RNJobSite

    RNJobSite posts nursing positions from throughout the U.S. regularly. (4k+ followers)

    Minority Nurse | @MinorityNurse

    Minority Nurse and their magazine and website offer news and jobs with a focus on increasing the diversity of the nursing workforce. (9k+ followers

    Publications, Journals, Media, and News

    American Journal of Nursing | @AmJNurs

    The American Journal of Nursing is a leading peer-reviewed, evidence-based nursing journal offering high-quality posts, articles, and updates for RNs. (55k+ followers)

    New England Journal of Medicine | @NEJM

    The New England Journal of Medicine is a highly prestigious medical journal offering the latest evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles in the realms of medicine and healthcare. (900k+ followers)

    Fierce Healthcare | @FierceHealth

    Fierce Healthcare is focused on the latest healthcare news and trends. While it’s geared towards industry executives, their content provides insights into the economics of healthcare, which is important for nurses to understand to some degree. (57k+ followers)

    Journal of Advanced Nursing | @jadvnursing

    The Journal of Advanced Nursing focuses on high-quality evidence-based information for registered nurses interested in best practices, and nursing research. (38k+ followers)

    Becker’s Hospital Review | @BeckersHR

    Becker’s feed concentrates on updates and news related to the healthcare industry, including information about disease processes, white papers, webinars, and other educational opportunities. (50k+ followers)

    Nurse Influencers

    Donna Cardillo | @DonnaCardilloRN

    Known as “The Inspiration Nurse” and formerly “Dear Donna” at Nurse.com, Donna Cardillo uses her Twitter feed to inspire and motivate nurses regarding their careers, entrepreneurship, and living their best life. (23k+ followers)

    Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN | @TheNerdyNurse

    Brittney is an expert in areas related to healthcare technology and uses her feed to entertain, educate, and inspire nurses about their lives and careers. (34k+ followers)

    Kati Kleber (FreshRN) | @Kati_Kleber

    According to her Twitter bio, Kati is all about “educating new nurses with humor, clinical knowledge, and warmth to enable them to sustainably care for both their patients and themselves.” (24k+ followers)

    Damion Jenkins (The Nurse Speak) | @TheNurseSpeak

    Damion is an NCLEX prep mentor, nursing career success coach, podcaster, and speaker. He has a great deal to say about nursing education, NCLEX preparation, and thriving in your nursing career. (800+ followers)

    Nurse Kelsey | @NurseKelsey

    Nurse Kelsey describes herself as “Mama. Trauma ICU nurse. Introvert. Runner. Dog lover. Strong believer in science and medicine. BLM. Prochoice.” What more can we say? (64k+ followers)

    About the author: Keith Carlson is a nurse career coach, speaker, writer, and podcaster. You can follow him at @nursekeith, where he tweets articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, career advice, and motivational messages for RNs and NPs.