Career Opportunities Abroad With A Master’s In Nursing Degree

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International nursing jobs are among the easiest international jobs to secure and allows you to see different parts of the world.

Nursing may be one of the most respected and important jobs in the country, but it stretches well beyond America’s borders. Nations around the world need medical professionals, and a nursing degree can literally take you almost anywhere. International nursing jobs are among the easiest international jobs to secure, and do allow you to see different parts of the world. But while the allure of travel may seem too good to pass up, there are some things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about becoming an international nurse including just what settings you’ll be working in, what kind of jobs you’ll have, and more. Generally speaking, those who become an international nursing professional will hold job titles that are very similar to those within this country. Potential jobs include:
  • Nurse Midwife Works to help provide prenatal care and obstetric care.
  • Critical Care Services In many cases managers or supervisors in foreign countries are actually required to have a western education. This is often true in critical care management positions.
  • Nursing Instructor Nursing instructors are needed around the country as more nations struggle to fill their need for nursing professionals. A career as an instructor can be highly rewarding.
  • Live In Care Assistants Just as in this country, the elderly and homebound across the world require help. Live in care assistants are in high demand.
  • Registered Nurse A RN is still one of the most important positions that you can secure, and RNs are needed all around the world due to a steadily growing demand for nursing professionals.
  • CDC Nurse The CDC often hires nurses and dispatches them around the world. They offer a wide range of different positions and responsibilities will vary greatly depending on your qualifications and where you are assigned to work.
  • Public Health Advisors Helping to improve public health, especially in third world countries, is very important and one of the biggest concerns facing nursing professionals around the world.
The list could go on for some time, since virtually any career in this country could be found overseas. However, standard nursing positions are by far the most common. Masters degrees in Nursing will help qualify you for additional employment, and specialization during your education will assist you even further. The demand for nurses is growing and in most cases hands-on care is the main focus of what they do. But before you rush off to apply with dreams of seeing the world, it’s important that you understand a few key points that are very true when it comes to working overseas with a masters in nursing degree.
  • You may not end up in a pristine hospital or doctor’s office. Depending on where you are assigned, you could find yourself in remote clinics or even in very primitive settings. You’ll be doing good and helping others, but it’s often a far cry from Western medicine settings. This is especially true when you’re in third world countries.
  • It’s not always true, but there are chances that, depending on your employer, you find yourself assigned to a war-zone or other dangerous area. Again, it’s not always true but in some cases you should prepare yourself for an adventure. Usually you’ll know how likely this is.
  • In order to thrive as an overseas nurse, you’ll have to have additional skills. Speaking another language, capability of working with equipment and supplies that may not be ideal, and other skills could all be needed.
  • Finally, be sure you understand your salary. You may get paid in a different currency since you’ll be in a different country. Tax issues will be different as well. Be sure to gain a solid understanding of just how much you’re earning and how you’ll be able to manage it or else you could find yourself surprised at your financial situation.
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