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Twitter Hashtags Nursing Students Should Monitor

NurseJournal Staff
Updated October 3, 2023
    Twitter has a lot of potential in the arena of education. What was once thought to be a frivolous, narcissistic waste of time is now becoming a vital part in expanding research and discussion beyond the campus and onto an ... Read More
    Twitter has a lot of potential in the arena of education. What was once thought to be a frivolous, narcissistic waste of time is now becoming a vital part in expanding research and discussion beyond the campus and onto an international platform. Students in the medical field can benefit in some significant ways from tapping into this resource. Whether your studies have you stumped, or you’re trying to figure out the next step in your career, you’ll find helpful information and some fun conversation in the Twittersphere.

    #1 #rnchat

    Where registered nurses and nursing students meet to chat, this platform includes links to helpful and interesting articles, program ratings, and conversations focused on the difficulties and triumphs of getting to work in the medical field. Ads are present, but relevant, e.g., closeout sales on medical scrubs.

    #2 #nurse

    Job listings abound here, and you can search around by region how convenient! Conversations here run warm, and the general feeling is that those posting to #nurse love what they do. There are plenty of articles here as well, and they tend to explore the personal side of being a nurse.

    #3 #hcIT

    As you might guess, this is an arena for the exploration of technology’s role in healthcare. Joining this conversation has the potential to really advance your studies, or get you current if you’re already working in the field.

    #4 #hcmktg

    If you’re studying the business of the healthcare industry, this is the place to go. If you are studying healthcare, this might be important for you to know. Contributors to this conversation are exploring everything from efficiency to the quality of mobile apps for healthcare workers, and marketing, of course.

    #5 #mhnursechat

    Those aspiring to work in the mental health field will find this chat particularly enlightening. Anyone in the medical field should be familiar with managing depression and grief. Links to scientific articles take the remaining space here.

    #6 #nscomment

    This is the official hashtag for England’s Nursing Standard magazine. Stateside night owls can join the live chat every Thursday morning. Lots of videos are posted here in addition to articles exploring technology, business, and personal relations issues peculiar to nursing.

    #7 #mccsm

    At the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, things get meta as contributors examine effective applications for social media in the medical field. Topics covered include how to make promotional videos, and data collection through online surveys.

    #8 #mdchat

    From the creators of #rnchat, this chat is geared toward doctors, and allows for the same networking opportunities, creating a global conversation around today’s medical news and developments.

    #9 #hpm

    If you are looking for a specialization in hospice and palliative care, do sit in on the conversation here, where the unique and delicate set of problems that surrounds end-of-life care is explored.

    #10 #mhealth

    Mobile Health, to be clear, is dedicated to discussing the quality and efficacy of mobile apps and digital devices in the medical field. Sci-fi geeks are welcome!

    #11 #LDnursechat

    For those interested in the study and treatment of learning disabilities, this platform should not be missed. The value of wellness programs and unconventional treatments is discussed here. The live chats are lightning fast, but transcripts are available afterward.

    #12 #health20

    Look for statistics and trend analysis in this tech-centric conversation. This is the future of healthcare worldwide.

    #13 #WeNurses

    Another UK-based chat, this is a valuable resource for nursing students, as the weekly live chats are archived for anyone who wishes to view the transcripts, and there are often links to e-workshops to help students succeed.

    #14 #hcsm

    Healthcare Communications and Social Media is the site of a live chat that takes place every Sunday evening. Topics include building a better homepage and the potential of Pinterest boards.

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