15 Pinterest Boards Nursing Students Will Love


Pinterest is one of several relative newcomers to the social media scene, and has certainly experienced its share of growing pains. Generally thought to be the realm of artists, crafters, or those with a hankering for a quick eye-full, Pinterest’s mood-board format is getting more attention in the educational community. Nursing students can maximize their downtime by checking out some of the best pin boards out there, where everything from study tips and career advise to jokes and recipes await.

#1 Nursing 101

Kiera McNamera’s pin board is a catch all for efficiency-boosting gadgets, news articles, books, statistics, words of wisdom, and plenty of humor. Come scroll around, learn something new, and shake your head knowingly at the collection of on-the-nose observations.

#2 Health is Social

This is actually a collection of ten boards, well organized into categories like TED Talks, Cancer, Books, and Infographics. If you have a project, or are simply in search of fascinating information on any number of topics, follow this pinner.

#3 R.N.

Photos, charts, articles, and humor can be found here, and the pins Mandi deems worthy are typically high in informational content. There is a great deal of helpful career advice and data posted, too. If you start to get to serious, take a time-out to shop for any number of funky clogs or blinged out stethoscopes pinned here.

#4  Healthcare Social Media

Nicola Ziady has compiled a simply beautiful rundown of statistics, graphs, and articles related to the role of social media and technology in every facet of the medical field. This board would also be amazingly helpful to anyone interested in the business/admin side of healthcare.

#5 NursingLove

Nursing students and working nurses will enjoy this page, as will their families and friends. This board is a mish-mash of medical-themed party-planning ideas, study assistants, humor, recipes, and gifts.

#6 Nursing Student

Comics, memes, gadgets, and fashion break up the seriousness here, but don’t miss the top-notch graphs and articles on this board. There’s also a nice bit of anatomy throughout.

#7 Nursing +

Nifty novelties and some seriously innovative medical mobile apps are in abundance on this board. A standout offering here is the homemade study guides, guaranteed to relieve at least some of your test anxiety.

#8 Nursing School

When you need a laugh after a tough day, visit Nursing School. This board is dominated by those ubiquitous, scathing e-cards, so share away. Dig in, and you’ll find some academic material as well, particularly study aids, infographics, and articles.

#9 Medical Assisting and School

This board is mostly humor and motivational, which can sure be welcome after a long, hard day. You will also run across the occasional helpful statistic or nursing themed treat.

#10 Rachel at Scrubshopper

There are six boards here, all worthy of your attention. Whether you want to browse around for some more stylish scrubs or mine the data field for a big project, follow this pinner.

#11 Health Care Communication News

Probably the biggest collection of boards about nursing, Health Care Communication News will be your greatest ally in keeping current with webinars, social media news, and e-patient information.

#12 Anatomy of a Nursing Student- Nursing School

Inspiration and motivation rule here, but career advice and statistics make an appearance.

#13 Noteworthy Nursing

For the sartorially obsessed nurses out there, enjoy this collection of sassy clogs, comparably attractive scrubs, and fun accessories.

#14 Ras College

This is the official Pinterest page of the Rasmussen College of Nursing. The career advice board is disappointingly slim, but there’s plenty of research help in the impressive collection of infographics.

#15 Apps for Nurses

This board will give you an edge as you click and swipe your way to the top of your class. Try to be on the crest of the mobile apps wave.