Top 25 Most Social Media Friendly Nursing Schools of 2019

While nurses must use caution when sharing on social media due to HIPPA regulations, the proliferation of social platforms allows nurses the unprecedented opportunity to promote individual and public health. By following social media guidelines for nurses, healthcare professionals can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms to share new research, remind current patients about community screenings or meetings, and inform prospective patients about offered services.

Professional and ethical social media in nursing activity can also help promote important health initiatives, such as AIDS awareness or cancer screenings. Working together, social media and nursing professionals can better serve patients, communities, and worldwide audiences.


The following list of schools draws from universities where social media and nursing students alike receive focused attention. These rankings take into account both the number of followers and the amount of activity on the most popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This ranking also considers follower engagement, which helps identify the school’s social media in nursing reach.

The ranking methodology also takes into consideration the quality of content each school posts. Helpful information, or information that benefits the nursing field at large, ranks higher than posts that simply inform the student body about upcoming events.

1. Johns Hopkins University

Located in Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University offers nursing degrees in a variety of places, times, and formats. The university’s many possibilities for nursing education include pre-licensure options, a master of science in nursing, doctoral nursing programs, post-degree opportunities, and executive education.

Johns Hopkins earned recognition as one of the most social media-friendly schools with more than 17,000 followers on Facebook. The school’s Twitter feed is current and rich in information, with nearly 21,000 tweets in total. Additionally, the Johns Hopkins YouTube channel gives viewers hundreds of practical videos to watch, such as vignettes of current healthcare students and professional development videos.

2. Duke University School of Nursing

Ranked second in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for the 2020 Best Nursing Schools, Duke University School of Nursing leads the next generation of healthcare professionals by educating transformational leaders in nursing. Duke offers an accelerated program, allowing students with a previous degree to earn a BSN in just 16 months. Students can also earn a master of science in nursing, a doctor of nursing practice, and a doctor of philosophy in nursing and complete a postdoctoral fellowship.

With more than 10,000 Twitter followers, the Duke University School of Nursing earned its place as one of the most community-focused nursing schools. Duke also boasts more than 4,500 Facebook followers and 800 YouTube subscribers.

3. Yale School of Nursing

Yale School of Nursing, founded in 1923, became the first university to train nurses through an educational program instead of an apprenticeship. Master’s programs available at the Yale School of Nursing include nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery, clinical nurse specialist, and nursing management. It also offers post-master’s certificates in six different areas and a Ph.D. in nursing. Yale prides itself as a school whose nurses go beyond normal service in order to become agents of social and political change.

Yale School of Nursing hosts a practical and historical Twitter feed with more than 14,000 followers and a Facebook following of 3,000. On Yale’s YouTube channel, students can find a variety of video interviews showcasing healthcare professionals.

4. University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing

The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing ranks as one of the best graduate schools in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report. Programs offered at the school include a Ph.D. in nursing, a doctor of nursing practice, a bachelor of science in nursing, a master of science in nursing, and an accelerated master’s in nursing pathway.

As a leading research school in a variety of healthcare fields, UAB Nursing engages with the surrounding community through research. With thousands of followers, this school educates others in the community through a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

5. University of Cincinnati College of Nursing

With several nursing education options, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing educates healthcare professionals through interprofessional collaboration, innovative teaching, and experiential learning. UC College of Nursing offers undergraduate co-ops, education units, and an international program.

UC College of Nursing emphasizes professional commitment through its medical research, diversity and inclusion, and high academic standards. Nearly 5,000 tweets, more than 18,000 Facebook likes, and almost 400 YouTube subscribers give this school its booming social media presence.

6. Kent State University College of Nursing

The Kent State College of Nursing is one of the nation’s leading schools in healthcare education. Its faculty helps students reach their full potential, whether pursuing an associate degree or a Ph.D. With more than 350 clinical partners, KSU emphasizes healthcare through experiential learning. Kent State College of Nursing graduates make up more than 40% of the nursing workforce in Northeast Ohio alone and extend services to a greater community through a strong social media base.

Through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, Kent State College of Nursing publishes constructive posts and videos about the nursing field and boasts more than 2,000 Twitter and Facebook followers.

7. The University of Iowa College of Nursing

The University of Iowa College of Nursing began in 1898 and now houses innovative and expansive programs for gerontology and nursing service administration. Iowa Nursing specializes in anesthesia, pediatric nurse practitioners, and master of science in nursing programs. The university’s graduates compose a large portion of Iowa’s nursing workforce.

Because of its expansive social media presence, Iowa Nursing extends its influence beyond the Iowa City campus to reach a global audience. It boasts more than 5,800 tweets and 1,200 Twitter followers, 4,200 Facebook followers, and YouTube videos with nearly 3,000 views.

8. Columbia University School of Nursing

Columbia University School of Nursing occupies a campus in the heart of New York City, educating nursing students for more than 125 years. Students at Columbia Nursing train to master all areas of nursing care. As an established institution, Columbia produces students with published research that impacts the world of healthcare. Columbia also hosts partnerships with prestigious groups, such as the Columbia University Medical Center and the College of Dental Medicine.

Columbia Nursing ranks high as a social media-friendly school with its 4,600 Twitter followers, 600 YouTube subscribers, and more than 10,000 Facebook followers.

9. University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing

The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing identifies as the major center of nursing education in Texas. In addition to associate, bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programs, UT Nursing offers an associate-to-bachelor program and an alternate-entry doctor of philosophy program.

Cutting-edge research, collaborative partnerships, and service through community-based clinics mark the character of this large school. UT Nursing contains many different research centers and initiatives for study and service. The Longhorns boast more than 4,000 Twitter followers, nearly 3,000 Facebook followers, and an informative and historical YouTube channel.

10. Ida Moffett School of Nursing, Samford University

A Christian school in the Southern Baptist tradition, the Ida Moffett School of Nursing at Samford University sees students through a quality education to prepare caring, competent, and compassionate nurses in today’s society. Its class of 2018 nurse anesthesia students boasted a 100% employment rate.

With its Twitter feed embedded directly into its website, the Ida Moffett School of Nursing ranks among the most socially competent institutions. The school also engages more than 3,700 Twitter followers, 2,200 Facebook followers, and sustains an impressive YouTube channel.

11. The University of Arizona College of Nursing

For those pursuing a career in nursing, healthcare administration, public health policy, advanced practice nursing, nursing education, or nursing research, the University of Arizona College of Nursing offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral nursing programs. UA Nursing’s new doctor of nursing practice helps learners obtain their doctorate in just over two years.

UA Nursing provides engaging material through its Twitter account, with almost 3,000 followers. Additionally, UA College of Nursing hosts a multitude of practical YouTube videos and a Facebook account with nearly 4,000 followers.

12. University of South Carolina College of Nursing

The University of South Carolina College of Nursing has graduated more than 10,000 nurses since 1957 when it became South Carolina’s first nationally accredited baccalaureate nursing program. At UofSC, students get a top quality education whether in the classroom or in a traditional clinical setting. Learners receive hands-on training in the world-class simulation lab. The school also boasted a 100% pass rate for NCLEX in May 2018.

UofSC leads the social media rankings with more than 20,000 tweets and 184,000 followers. The UofSC’s School of Nursing boasts almost 5,000 Facebook followers.

13. Washington State University College of Nursing

Nearly 1,000 students call Washington State University College of Nursing home. WSU Nursing began as the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education in 1968, the first nursing consortium in the nation. Today, WSU Nursing includes master’s and doctoral degrees. As one of its central goals, it promotes nursing and interprofessional research and evidence-based practice.

With more than 3,600 Facebook followers, WSU College of Nursing provides a wealth of knowledge and a big social media presence through helpful news articles, videos, and links in the healthcare industry.

14. Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies

Georgetown’s School of Nursing & Health Studies provides a student-centered education in accordance with the Jesuit tradition. The school splits into four departments: health systems administration, human science, international health, and the department of nursing. With academic programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, this school trains nurses with varying experience levels. The school’s mission “aims to promote health equity and improve population health locally, nationally, and globally.”

Georgetown’s 231 Instagram followers, 3,795 Facebook followers, and 1,395 Twitter followers give Georgetown its reputation as a social media-friendly school.

15. Northeastern University Bouve College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing

The Bouve College of Health Sciences School of Nursing offers a direct entry program along with an online RN-to-BSN program, an online neonatal nurse practitioner program, an online master of science in nursing administration, and many other nursing certificates and specialty programs. With a network of nursing career options, Northeastern School of Nursing can train nurses for service at all levels.

Northeastern School of Nursing boasts 669 Twitter followers and more than 1,500 tweets engaged in helping the nursing community through online articles and information. The videos on the Northeastern ABSN YouTube channel — some with more than 2,000 views — help students understand the career path options offered at Northeastern.

16. Ohio State University College of Nursing

The Ohio State University College of Nursing offers many options for those going into or already working in the nursing industry, including undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees, certificates, preceptors, and continuing education. For its master’s level, OSU offers a wide array of degree options. Ohio State ranks as the 2020 U.S. News & World Report second best online program for graduate nursing and third for the best online bachelor’s program.

OSU’s social media presence ranks among the top social media-savvy schools, with more than 2,000 Facebook followers, 3,000 Twitter followers, and hundreds of YouTube videos.

17. University of Washington School of Nursing

The University of Washington School of Nursing emphasizes research to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare. The school includes three academic departments: bio-behavioral nursing and health informatics, family and child nursing, and psychosocial and community health. UW offers six nursing programs with a variety of specialties and continuing education opportunities.

With more than 722 alumni on LinkedIn, 3,575 likes on Facebook, and over than 2,200 Twitter followers, the University of Washington School of Nursing extends its academic and vocational reach beyond the Pacific Northwest.

18. Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

The Nell Hodgson Woodson School of Nursing at Atlanta’s Emory University attracts nursing students who want to learn innovative patient care techniques from a staff constantly working to discover new methods to advance the nursing profession. With more than 95 faculty and 114 instructors whose mission entails training leaders in patient care, public health, and education, the school offers a wide array of degrees and continuing education options.

Emory Nursing boasts a strong social media presence, with almost 2,000 Twitter followers, 3,000 Facebook followers, and an impressive video library on its website.

19. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing

With the slogan “local focus, global impact,” the UNC at Chapel Hill School of Nursing offers a BSN program and an MSN with specialties in adult-gerontology nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, pediatric nurse practitioner/primary care, healthcare systems, and psychiatric/mental health. UNC Nursing also offers post-master’s certification and a doctoral program. What began in 1950 as a way to train North Carolina’s nurses has transformed into a global health education facility.

Carolina Nursing boasts more than 4,000 Twitter followers, 2,000 Facebook followers, and a YouTube channel containing videos on mentorship, leadership, and strategic planning.

20. University of California San Francisco School of Nursing

Founded in 1907, the UCSF School of Nursing trains nursing professionals in excellence, diversity, and innovation. Faculty members serve as advisers and as leaders in policy, healthcare delivery, and clinical and translational research. In the last decade, UCSF received recognition as the first and second most funded schools for National Institute of Health research.

UCSF Nursing remains one of the top schools for social media presence, publishing nearly 4,000 tweets to more than 2,000 Twitter followers and receiving more than 8,000 likes. The school claims almost 10,000 Facebook followers and publishes countless YouTube videos.

21. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing

As Wisconsin’s largest nursing program, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing offers a bachelor of science, a direct-entry master of nursing, a doctor of nursing practice, and Ph.D. degrees. UWM’s School of Nursing programs include a distinctive master’s in sustainable peacebuilding for nurses that partners with local and global organizations to develop strategies for changing today’s biggest healthcare crises.

Faculty at UWM conduct research and train nurses to work in pediatrics, geriatrics, community clinics, and pharmaceutical labs. Students choose from a list of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and certificate programs offered at UWM. More than 1,800 Facebook followers and 2,500 Twitter followers make UWM a leading school for social media presence.

22. UMass Amherst School of Nursing

The University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Nursing has educated nurses, nursing instructors, and researchers for successful and fulfilling careers for over 60 years. A central part of UMass Amherst’s mission within the College of Nursing remains to train culturally proficient nurses who work to improve healthcare on a global scale. At UMass Amherst, nursing students may earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree with emphasis on areas like psychiatric care or integrative modalities.

The UMass School of Nursing interacts with almost 500 Twitter followers and 1,000 Facebook followers, providing many links to informative videos.

23. University of South Florida Health College of Nursing

The USF Health College of Nursing focuses on innovation, engagement, and integrity. Through its mission, the school trains nurses to transform lives by improving healthcare. USF Health College of Nursing strives to enhance its cutting-edge programs for training tomorrow’s nurses and innovative research initiatives. The USF College of Nursing also gained entry into the U.S. News & World Report’s top 50 graduate nursing programs for 2020.

More than 1,000 YouTube subscribers, 4,300 Facebook followers, and 2,000 Twitter followers give USF College of Nursing its place as a top school present in social media.

24. University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing offers BSN, master of science, degree completion, doctor of nursing practice, and Ph.D. programs in five locations: Chicago, Rockford, Peoria, Urbana, Springfield, and the Quad Cities. Students at the University of Illinois learn as part of a diverse, collaborative, and intellectual part of the community. This nursing school focuses on three areas of impact: research, practice, and global health.

The College of Nursing maintains an impressive social media presence through its 716 Instagram and 2,800 Facebook followers, sharing interesting healthcare content with a growing community.

25. Seattle University College of Nursing

The nursing program at Seattle University College of Nursing identifies with the Jesuit tradition, which encompasses academic excellence, ethics, service, and personal and spiritual growth. Graduates can enter the nursing community prepared to work hard to meet the healthcare needs of the frail, vulnerable, and underserved in the community. The school focuses on deriving a core value of social justice and commitment to community.

Seattle University College of Nursing maintains more than 2,900 Facebook followers and interacts with current and prospective students across the globe through various social media outlets, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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