5 Best Paying LPN Jobs & Careers

Nurses At The Reception Area In A HospitalLicensed practical nurses, or LPNs, help to care for the sick and disabled in a variety of health care situations. LPNs give hands-on care to patients, while they are being supervised by RNs and doctors. A typical LPN program involves a year of training at a hospital, community college or vocational school. After this training is successfully complete, students can then take their licensure examination to become an LPN. See LPN Salary figures by state.

Overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that more LPNs will start to shift from working in nursing care and private hospitals, to home health care services and community care. The overall median salary is $40,380. The overall job growth by 2020 will be 22%, which is quite fast.

For those who are interested in an LPN job or career, some of the very best paying positions in the field include the following:

#1 LPN in Nursing Care Facility

Some of the most frequent employers in this class are residential treatment agencies, including group homes for the mentally or terminally ill, hospice services and rehabilitative services. Many of the patients are elderly but not all. Some of the most common duties are to do health assessments, come up with treatment plans, clean rooms and to supervise the nursing aids.

  • Percentage of LPN workforce: 29%

  • Projected job growth by 2020: 11.7%

  • Average salary: $44,000


#2 LPN in Home Health Care Services

Common places of employment are private home health care agencies, and parts of larger health care facilities. Common duties are to help patients with their hygiene, entertain and talk to patients to improve mental health, evaluate living conditions of patients, and go with patients on outings. They also work with families to teach basic home care.

  • Percentage of LPN workforce: 9.3%

  • Projected job growth by 2020: 72.1% by 2020

  • Average salary: $43,404


#3 LPN in Community Care Facility for Elderly

These LPNs can be employed in public or private nursing homes, various assisted living centers, and retirement homes. Most common duties are to keep patients clean, provide friendship and companionship, and help with physical therapy routines.

  • Percentage of LPN workforce: 5.4%

  • Projected job growth by 2020: 49.4%

  • Average salary: $43,000


#4 LPN in Medical and Surgical Hospital – Private

The most common employers are hospitals, including surgical, maternity and ER departments. Most common duties include helping with advanced medical practices, and supervising new nursing aides.

  • Percentage of LPN workforce: 15.5%

  • Projected job growth by 2020: 8.1%

  • Average salary: $39,000


#5 LPN in Physician’s Office

Some of the most common places to work include doctors’ offices, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, ER medical centers. Typical duties are to prep patients for exams, give shots, give medications, help with minor procedures, and dress incisions.

  • Percentage of LPN workforce: 12%

  • Projected job growth by 2020: 30.8%

  • Average salary: $30,000