Top RN To MSN Programs in Oregon

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Make a meaningful difference to the health care of people in Oregon. Find the right school for your needs to achieve your Rn to MSN in Oregon.

Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

To enhance your education is a good idea, regardless of which career you follow. If you currently hold an RN (registered nurse) license, then you could choose to study towards an MSN (master's degree in nursing). This will help you to advance your personal career, increase your salary and boost the respect you get from your peers. Most importantly, it will allow you to make a meaningful difference to the health care of people in Oregon. You do, however, have to find the right school for your needs to achieve this.

Before looking at some of the schools you could choose from, let's review some of the information available in terms of salary and career prospects for MSN degree holders in Oregon.

Top MSN Programs in Oregon

Rank School Location
1 Gonzaga University Spokane, WA
2 Sacred Heart University Fairfield, CT
3 University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
4 American Sentinel University Aurora, CO
5 Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN

Salaries and Job Outlook for MSN Degree Holders in Oregon

Just as in the rest of the country, there is a significant shortage of highly educated nurses in Oregon. According to O Net, there will be an increase of 19% in demand for nurse managers between 2012 and 2022. Additionally, the expectation for growth for nurse practitioners is set at 27% for that same time period, the highest in the field.

Once you hold an advanced practice nursing degree in Oregon, your salary will vary greatly depending on where you work and how much experience you have. According to O Net, the average salary for a nurse educator is $61,800 per year, the lowest of all advanced degree holders. The highest salaries are earned by nurse anesthetists, who earn an average of $151,600 per year.

As you can see, both job outlook and salaries are very interesting for someone with an MSN degree. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to make a difference to the field of health care as a whole. Your work will ensure people in Oregon can access the best quality health care possible. This helps to increase job satisfaction tremendously as well.

Explore the Best Oregon MSN Degree Programs

Choosing to enroll in an RN to MSN degree program is a decision not to be taken lightly. You should, therefore, take the time to review the different programs that are on offer to you, so that you find the one that best meets your personal expectations, needs and requirements. Unfortunately, there are no current RN to MSN degree options offered by any university in the state. Your choices, therefore, are either to relocate to a nearby state, or choose to study online.

Below are what we believe to be some of the best online degree options available today.

Gonzaga University View School Profile Spokane, WA

Gonzaga University is one of the most respected online RN to MSN universities. They offer a choice of two tracks, which are the Nurse Educator track and the Health Systems Leadership track. These are the two elements of nursing that Gonzaga University believes to be most vital to furthering the quality of health care nationwide. The program is designed for those who currently hold an Associate’s Degree or Diploma in Nursing.

  • Campus: Spokane, WA
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $935 per credit for bridge course and $735 per credit for MSN
  • Degree requirements: Bridge course (not necessary for those with BSN), GPA of 3.0 minimum, RN license
  • Minimum time commitment: 51 credit hours
  • Programs: RN to MSN Nurse Educator, RN to MSN Health Systems Leadership
  • School Site: Tuition | Financial Aid
Sacred Heart University View School Profile Fairfield, CT

Sacred Heart University also offers a program for those who hold an Associate’s Degree or Diploma in Nursing. The program allows them to fast track their personal career and immediately enter leadership positions. The school wants to give people of all walks of life the opportunity to achieve this, which is why they keep their tuition as low as possible. Furthermore, they offer a huge range of specializations to meet everybody’s personal needs.

  • Campus: Fairfield, CT
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $530 per credit hour for the BSN portion and $635 per credit hour for the MSN portion
  • Degree requirements: RN license, ADN or Nursing Diploma, GPA of 3.0 minimum, resume, statement of goals, two letters of recommendation, malpractice insurance
  • Minimum time commitment: Varies depending on chosen pathway. All specializations require completion of a practicum.
  • Programs: RN to BSN to MSN – Clinical Nurse Leader, Patient Care Services Administration, Nursing Education
  • School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid
University of Arizona View School Profile Tucson, AZ

The University of Arizona is one of the few public state universities that offer an online RN to MSN degree program. Their program is designed for Associate’s Degree or Diploma in Nursing holders. In just two years, students can graduate at master’s level through a 100% online program. Indeed, no residency requirements are set on students.

  • Campus: Tucson, AZ
  • Type: Public
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $37,628
  • Degree requirements: RN license, ADN, GPA of 3.0 minimum, work experience, transcripts
  • Minimum time commitment: 44 credits
  • Programs: ADN to MSN
  • School Site: Tuition | Financial Aid
American Sentinel University View School Profile Aurora, CO

At American Sentinel University, current RN license holders can take part in a program that allows them to first achieve their BSN before moving on to their MSN in a seamless manner. The entire program is delivered online. Graduates are in high demand and are known for the positive work they do in improving the quality of health care on a local, national and global scale. Because of the transition between BSN and MSN, the overall time needed to complete the program is significantly reduced. As an added bonus, this program is highly affordable, particularly for a private university.

  • Campus: Aurora, CO
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: CCNE
  • Tuition: $375 per credit hour
  • Degree requirements: Resume, RN license, transcripts, GPA of 3.0 minimum
  • Minimum time commitment: Varies depending on chosen pathway
  • Programs: RN to BSN/MSN – Case Management, Infection Prevention and Control, Nursing Education, Nursing Informatics and Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership.
  • School Site: Tuition | Financial Aid
Vanderbilt University View School Profile Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt University is known across the country for its fantastic quality of educational programs. Those who graduate from this university are all but 100% guaranteed to find work. They offer an ADN to MSN program in a huge range of specializations, delivering nurses with the ability to make a difference in the lives of the people in the communities that they serve. The program is designed for working individuals, in particular.

  • Campus: Nashville, TN
  • Type: Private
  • Accreditation: ACEN
  • Tuition: $1,195 per credit hour
  • Degree requirements: Transcripts, GRE, three letters of reference, writing samples, prerequisite course, RN license
  • Minimum time commitment: Two years
  • Programs: RN to MSN – Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (with Hospital or Intensivist focus), Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Nurse Practitioner (Family Nurse Practitioner/Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Dual Focus), Family Nurse Practitioner, Healthcare leadership, Neonatal nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery, Nurse-Midwifery/Family Nurse Practitioner – Dual Focus, Nursing Informatics, Palliative Care, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Acute Care, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Primary Care, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Lifespan), Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner /Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner – Dual Focus
  • School Site: Tuition | Financial Aid

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